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  1. ducati448

    2017 DR650 Cush Bearings Warranty Issue!!! help!

    Have a 2017 DR650 bought new this spring, 1500 miles same issue
  2. ducati448

    handle bars

    Could someone tell me how much handle bar rise you can go with the stock cables ? Thanks, Larry
  3. ducati448

    new owner

    Thanks for the reply, I'm down by Dundee I'll have to look Allendale up.
  4. ducati448

    new owner

    Hello, I'm 63 years old (that was not easy to type) been riding since I was 10 or so. Have two street bikes (2016 Bmw r1200rs and 1973 Norton 850) just bought a 2017 DR650. I've been reading about setting up sag, a lot of information on the rear not on the front, I weigh 200lbs and would appreciate any advice on setting front sag and numbers you use. Thanks, Larry