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  1. I don't think I would want to buy one you DIDN'T need to rejet. If optimum jetting for both the existing pipe and the planned purchase are the same, chances are they act alike. FYI I own a 2004. I would save my money for a cylinder and case modification if it hasn't already been done.
  2. I look back at the list of guys I raced who aren't here anymore. Ken Maely began building things for speedway racers in the late 60's and pushed that sport in socal as far and as often as he could just because he was getting tired of seeing his friend's kids make those lists you are talking about. Lots of our two wheeled activities can end that way, or should I say all of them can, but "class 'C'" seems to have more than proportionate share of deaths and racers who end up in wheel chairs.
  3. Kawasaki was already putting a pretty big dent in Harley as far as flattrack racing goes. Bill Werner who was largely responsible for Harley's success in the past retired and decided to build something else. Ie kawasaki. Yamaha has an effort again too. Indian was more serious as an OE. I always felt like Harley made a mistake by being a factory racing team when EVERYONE was on a Harley, and felt they should sponsor the racing and get prize money up rather than building a team to beat the other Harley's. The downside is the bikes are going very fast, the tracks are not much better as far as injury prevention than they were in the 40's. 100 mph plus speeds on dirt means you go a long ways when you fall, and falls are OFTEN.
  4. Well, I am not sure that I ever really quit. I still get out on the ice, but I no longer race. First time on what was about a dozen TT practice tracks in the central san joaquin valley was in 1966. I didn't get a chance to compete until two years later. Late 80's was my last time at a quarter mile dirt oval in an organized event.
  5. ossagp

    shift indicator setup

    My Sachs was easy. It always seemed to be in neutral.
  6. As old as that carburetor is I am counting on it needing ALL of the above suggestions. For a carburetor novice it can look pretty intimidating. The pilot circuit as mentioned would undoubtedly need attention by now.
  7. I loved my time on flattrackers, ice, speedway etc. Being in an environment where the throttle is on for SO long has it's own special kind of thrill. Leaving it on, unweighting and making two turns without lifting up, you get a light stomach feeling as you feel your rig trying to remain in balance as it is trying to come out of that same "balance", anyway, my favorite kind of edge.
  8. I find myself enjoying the street more and more as I get older. Dual sport bikes make more sense to me than the two goldwings, but I feel the need for both. I look back at my riding from the 60's and recall the "close call" conversations I seemed to have been having constantly with other (mostly young) riders. Some years back I remember when it hit me that I was having "cage" induced close calls, but that I was doing it "wrong". Pitbull's last three sentences above pretty much sum up my outlook. I go for a ride, planning to negotiate all the things the distracted and careless throw my way. I expect it, I plan for it, and like executing a plan for riding an obstacle offroad, I execute the avoidance plan(s). All the time knowing there is a consequence for both types of riding "plans" should the execution go bad. That has kept me from getting complacent so far. If it seems like too much work, or gets to be too much work for me, I will be off the streets again.
  9. ossagp

    Need jetting help

    I am seeing numbers on everything you put pictures up on so far. Do you think you should see an eye specialist?
  10. I am prone to doing the things you don't come out of pocket with first. Set the tps per the manual, set the float per the manual, and move on from there to the grounds and connections, or start with the grounds and connections. The intermittent stuff is frustrating.
  11. ossagp

    Need jetting help

    Ok, it came off of a cr250. Which model cr250? cr250's came with mikunis and with Keihins depending on the year. The 250's jetting is most likely too lean for your 125. That means the needle, the main jet, the pilot jet, and slide are very likely to be less than optimum for your application.
  12. It looks like it is made out of better material that the original. Funny how so many attach price alone to quality, isn't it?
  13. I have found little to no reason to use fuel filters or screens other than what the factory sends if you are using a factory petcock. You will of course get a build up of the particles from the gas you buy etc, but I prefer carburetor maintenance to fuel filters (since I would be doing the carburetor maintenance regardless). If I leave my gl1100 in warm country for a 6 month period it usually has gummed low speed jets if left on pump gas. Adding an additive, or leaving it with avgas or a good portion of avgas seems to keep it from gumming up. If I had one with FI, I would feel the need to buy the 50 dollar variety filter though.
  14. ossagp

    What is Cylinder Porosity?

    Loved that you showed the cylinder being honed.
  15. I would call it a great place to start. Texas has lots of places that favor a big 4stroke that will run dirt roads to sandwashes and trails like that one will,.