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  1. FFK

    Stock stator xr400

    When you have it installed and lite up....take some pics as I may follow your suit! Thanks!!
  2. FFK

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Looked fun!! No elbow pads?
  3. FFK

    Sunfair Lake Joshua Tree

    Nice ROCKS!!
  4. FFK

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    NICE VIEW!!! And Welcome to THUMPER TALK!!
  5. FFK

    Kickstarter seal

    BIKE? Year? I'll go out on a limb here...... If it's near the kickstarter ( I DID have this problem ONCE).....it may JUST be gasket on the right side needing replacement. Easy to do (if mechanically inclined). What I did was drain oil, put a plastic garbage bag under my bike, take off cover.....clean old gasket off (with razor REAL GENTLY) NOT to score side cover..... clean both sides that meet together.......put new gasket on and torgue to spec......clean residual mess That is in a nutshell for what I did.....(IF, that is what your problem is )
  6. FFK

    XR on a motocross track

    Cool vids!
  7. FFK

    Trouble selling 97 XR 400

  8. Sounds like you need an O-RING. I'm guessing you have an XR250l 1991 from your signature. Here is what you need.....#12 is the part from this link.(if that is your ONLY problem) http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/1991-honda-xr250l-left-crankcase-cover/o/m3050sch12198
  9. FFK

    DROWNED the XR250!

    INDEED!! I'd hate to be the inventor of 409!! Poor guy probably lost his job after the recipe came out
  10. FFK

    Swapping from High CC engine to lower CC engine

    Hell I might as well chime in.... An old friend had a TOYOTA pick up and used the frame with a CHEVROLET (older body car 90's style) and raised it high...... Took 1/2 of each emblem and called it a "TOYLET" TRUE STORY
  11. FFK

    Carb tutorial coming

    GREAT job on the trailer and GREAT job on the carb video!!!!!
  12. And.....silly putty was fun with comics in the 70's!!
  13. FFK

    License plate bracket for XR4

    Looks like you have some good hills to climb out there!!
  14. Works great for me too!! I've used it on the EAST coast and have continued to use it here in AZ. $79 bucks or so