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  1. Atlas762

    DR800 Big "almost" no spark

    I have no experience with this particular bike, but usually its a ignition coil. I would ohm out the ignition system from the spark plug leads on back and see if they are in spec. I have also seen coils which were in spec not produce a very hot spark/ very weak spark. Sorry I cant be of more help.
  2. Atlas762

    Dr650 Buell headlight conversion

    I have a Buell dual headligh that Im thinking about mounting on my DR650. Curious what mount and other items people have been using for this conversion, pretty sure its a Buell XB12 headlight. Thank you.
  3. Atlas762

    Price for a USEd DR650?

    Didnt see your location before, but for CA it does seem like a deal if the bike checks out. Im in CA often and keep an eye on classifieds, usually people ask more for DR650s from what I have seen over that way.
  4. Atlas762

    Price for a USEd DR650?

    It sounds like a fair price to me if the bike is mechanicaly sound, and has been serviced as per the manual.
  5. Atlas762

    DR650 Seat Concepts Low Seat Specs

    Does this seat feel like it is lower than the stock seat, or is there extra meat on the sides of the saddle that makes up for it being low? Currently eyeing seats for my DR, thanks!
  6. Atlas762

    Post your DR 200 Pics

    As much as I like my DR650 Im keeping my eye out for a deal on a DR200. Nigrut, Nice to see the seat is evolving! Assuming your long legged.
  7. Atlas762

    Dr650 exhaust recommendations

    Yes I agree it seems like its almost a coin toss. I like how Procycle has designed the SS1 after GSXR exhausts, but of course it weights more unfortunately. Leo vince seems like they have a winner aswell. It would be nice to have more info on both to see which way the scales would tip.
  8. Atlas762

    Dr650 exhaust recommendations

    Im looking to purchase either a procycle SS1 or Leo Vince exhaust. I dont see alot of reviews on either and am looking for recommendations on which one would be the best choice. Thank you.
  9. Atlas762

    DR650S or DRZ400S -- which do you suggest?

    I think you would prefer the DR650 for what your looking to do. You may want to add a oil cooler aux cooling fan for when your stuck in traffic or riding slow in high heat for an extra piece of mind, is it needed? probably not. I went with the DR and feel as if I made the right choice between the two. For mods I did the airbox mod, twin air filter and needle swap and the bike deffinetly runs stronger, Im still saving for a procycle SS1 or Leo Vince exhaust. If I was heavier and did more off road I would address the suspension sooner. If I rode more in the the southwest I would consider an oil cooler fan for piece of mind, knowing many have used these bikes in hot conditions without. I prefer the simplicity and torquey nature of Dr650. Another thing to consider is the gearing of both bikes, I have read where the Drz400 gets buzzy over 65mph.
  10. Atlas762

    02 DR650 purchase

    I have been riding smaller bikes and have been researching DR650’s and Drz400’s, and have decided on a DR. There is a srock except for skid plate 02 for sale in my area that doesn’t have the metal base gasket and has 14,000 on it. I put a few miles on it and it rides good except for a slight pop sometimes on decel ( exhaust leak,carb?) for $2500, of course I would prefer to get it cheaper but the owner won’t budge. Is this an alright value for the bike or should I save for a few more months and take my chances? Thank you