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  1. 74xl

    1974 honda XL 350 running lights

    Oh cool, sounds like I got it all good then! Thank you both for clearing that up for me.
  2. 74xl

    1974 honda XL 350 running lights

    Really? Does no one know or did i break some rule and piss everyone off?
  3. 74xl

    1974 honda XL 350 running lights

    Got my blinkers to work, had to find a generic 6v flasher unit from my local parts store and it worked! I still don't have any constant running lights besides the taillight, are the side markers supposed to stay lit up when not functioning as a turn signal on a bike this old?
  4. Hey guys, been a frustrating day here and i do apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area. I'm more of a lurker to the point that i had to make a new account to even post here at all. My 74 honda xl350 blinkers and running lights don't work. Got a new battery and had it charged, checked all bulbs to be not blown and correct 6 volts, checked the one fuse this bike has and cleaned all the grounds i can find, can't find the frame ground anywhere, took apart and cleaned the blinker switch (also getting no power) verified that no blinkers/running lights are getting any power, and I'm losing my damn mind trying to figure this out. The only function I DO have is the high beam (indicator also not working, low beam burnt out) and the brake/aft running light. Any suggestions? I have a manual and I've been staring at a wiring diagram all day and I'm more confused than ever.