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  1. Favorite has to be my very first full size bike. 1973 Yamaha DT250 Enduro - High School Graduation present. 1974 Honda 125 Elsinore 1973 Yamaha RD350
  2. Timmae

    Carrying while riding.

    Well, I'm glad I posted this thread, NOT! I deleted all my social media sites, except this one. Think it's time for this one to go bye bye as well. And no, I'm not a snowflake or butt hurt or any of the popular bull shit sayings. Just tired of stupid people.
  3. Alpinestars is overpriced low quality crap. Found that out when doing road racing.
  4. Anybody carry a firearm while riding? Is it necessary? I saw a guy carrying at Rainbow Falls. Said he always carries when riding alone.
  5. Timmae

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    I am an avid shooter. Ex-Military. Work in a Gunstore. And ride dirt bikes in Colorado. It's a pretty sad state of affairs in this country when you have to wear a gun when riding your dirtbike. Not criticizing those who do. Haven't seen any reasons to carry will riding where I live, yet. Although I have seen one guy carrying so far. He said he always carries when he's riding alone.
  6. Timmae

    Colorado OHV Stickers Problem

    Yep. Me too.
  7. Timmae

    Extreme riding, old school style

    73 RD350 WERA Road Race at Indianapolis Raceway Park. 1973 or 74. I drag raced the same bike at Fremont Raceway,CA in 1975 or 76. Lived in South Lake Tahoe at the time. I have a picture somewhere of me coming off the light at Fremont. My buddy was racing a Kawasaki 750 triple two stroke. Just had it tuned by Hot Bike Engineering in Fremont. I remember Terry Vance and Byron Hines being at that race.
  8. Timmae

    Extreme riding, old school style

    He passed me in the woods like I was parked. AMA National Enduro somewhere in the Ozarks. Either 73 or 74, can't remember for sure. I just graduated High School and was in my first year of college in Illinois. Got to know the local Honda Dealer owner. He took me to the race. I was riding my graduation present. A brand new 73 Yamaha DT250. Honda dealer was riding a Honda CR250 Elsinore he converted to a Enduro bike. But he hurt his ankle and didn't race. Couldn't talk him into letting me ride the Elsinore. Bastard.
  9. Timmae

    Pitkin Co. to enforce strict laws

    I respect and thank all of you that fight the ones that want to restrict or abolish our hobby.
  10. Timmae

    Hold your line

    Jeez. I'm glad my racing days are over. Lots of morons who don't know the first thing about racing. And can't put a coherent sentence together.
  11. Timmae

    Pitkin Co. to enforce strict laws

    It's only a matter of time before the lefty's, immigrant Californians and the rich ban all offroad motorized use .
  12. yes. ridiculously high.
  13. Timmae

    Friend looking for bike

  14. Timmae

    Friend looking for bike

    He might be interested. But a 2018 may be more $$ than he wants to spend. You can send me info if you like. Thanks. Where do you live?