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  1. Misterdavetx300

    Alternative to Dunlop AT81 rear

    I took off the m59 and mt16 for starcross mediums front and back on my tx300. Ill never go back. Bike handles awesome and has traction in all of those conditions
  2. Misterdavetx300

    Alternative to Dunlop AT81 rear

    I never heard of that tire but id hope its better than everything else on the market, at 130$ you can buy two michelin starcross mediums. Or a even a whole set of tires. [emoji848]
  3. Misterdavetx300

    Mx classes

    Eastern ny. An hour west of nyc . I do hare scrambles in eastern Pa and South Jersey , so driving a couple hours really wouldn't be a big deal to me. I don't see any classes posted for August on gpmx website. When I click the link to see the August schedule it gives me an error
  4. Misterdavetx300

    Mx classes

    Im looking to supplement some seat time with an mx class or some kind of racing school. Do any of you know of any mx or schools on the east coast that are having classes in the near future? Just want to hone my skills a little more than what i do now.
  5. Misterdavetx300

    Alternative to Dunlop AT81 rear

    Also dont go to a bigger rear. I used to run a 120/100 mt16 and after moving to the 110/100 ill never go back. The contact patch is plenty and the bike steers slower with a bigger tire.
  6. Misterdavetx300

    Alternative to Dunlop AT81 rear

    Mx33 rear would work great. I have friends who place top 20 overall in amateur harescrambles and love them, the races by us are alll rocky,rooty, loamy, slate we have every kind of terrain on the east coast. I run michelin starcross medium and an mx33 for the sand races. But you cant go wrong with the michelin its great everywhere. Or pirelli mt16 theyre also great. They just dont last long for the races and riding i do.
  7. Misterdavetx300

    Anyone switch back to a Keihin?

    Nothing wrong with the stock carb with the jd kit. I had a 2018 and now i have a 2019 tx. Both run great with the jd kit. In my opinion lectron is nonsense. Lectron gets better mpg than the stocker But thats because theyre horribly lean at part throttle. Stock mikuni carb jetted right, runs a worlds better than a lectron.
  8. Misterdavetx300

    Anyone switch back to a Keihin?

    I cant finish a scramble on a tank of gas.. how are you getting 90 miles to a tank? A scramble is 40-50 miles....
  9. Misterdavetx300

    Hot weather underclothing for scrambles

    Just got some under armor hotgear well see how it works this sunday’s race. Thanks!
  10. Misterdavetx300

    Hot weather underclothing for scrambles

    I do i just get moments where i get really hot. I also wear a kidney belt, i hate how it feels when i dont wear an under shirt with it.
  11. Ive been searching up and down for some good underclothing to wear for when i race. Evs and 100% make an undershirt but after i read the reviews , people say that it only works right for an hour which is fine for moto but, most races i do are 2+ hours.. can any of you guys point me in a direction to some gear that actually works? Im really just looking for an undershirt and maybe some cooling underwear if someone makes that. My pants and jersey are plenty vented.
  12. Misterdavetx300

    2018 Tx 300 “revs hanging”/“hanging idle”

    You a hanging idle is result of a lean condition... you probably have an air leak somewhere. dont start replacing jets.
  13. Misterdavetx300

    Rockland County Ny

    I used to live in rockland, im in orange county now. If you have some good single track id be down. I have a 19 tx300
  14. Misterdavetx300

    more comfortable tx300 seat

    Guts racing soft seat on my 18 tx. I always wear compression shorts with padding anyway but my butt was thankful for the seat after the tri state hammer run this last weekend
  15. Misterdavetx300

    Trail-tech/Husqvarna Fan kit

    I have a trail tech kit on my 18 tx and its awesome i never push coolant out off my overflow.