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  1. Traction12

    Common engine noise vs. uncommon CRF250r.

    Thank you! I'll be replacing the valves, piston... and possibly even the cam and cam chain if I pick the bike up, which, at this point, I think I will. You guys have been a real help. I'm about to be baptized into the red world of Honda and can't wait to get on the track. Thanks again!
  2. Traction12

    Common engine noise vs. uncommon CRF250r.

    Thanks guys, but the only thing that concerns me is that the engine on the bike he was selling sounded differently enough from the new 09 that he purchased just recently. I guess the only question I have left is, "What sound does the top-end make when the valves and piston need to be replaced?" I know sounds are hard to convey through the internet, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I recently went to look at an 08 crf250r for sale. The bike had been raced 10 times in hair scrambles races and was ridden pretty hard, but still seemed maintained well. When trying to find top dead center, before starting, I heard a "click" coming from the engine, which I assumed was just a valve closing. (I am also assuming this is normal for the crf.) The bike ran well, but it seemed to have a bit of a ringing noise coming from the engine that I'm not used to hearing on my 426. It is definitely coming from inside the engine, and I believe it has something to do with the valves. (single cam vs. dual, maybe) Does that indicate that the valves need to be replaced (and probably the piston etc. along with it?) The seller claims he has replaced the piston and valves twice already in the past year, but that "it may need new one's again." Is there a point where the engine just wears out over time that could cause some play in the engine causing more noise and at what point if ever do you just say, "This engine is done"? Thanks for the help!
  4. Traction12

    Chaparral SUX!

    Awww, can't we be nice about this? Let me give it a whirl, after getting treated like the bastard child of the prince of darkness on the phone... Dear not a bitch and the owner who must have found her on monster.com, I called to ask questions about a set of Apocalypse pants but instead received a bungholio chaffing that would kill a rhino. Had she taken her medication, you may have made a sale. According to my friends I'm not quite sure what I would have purchased in the end, but at least I would have received it before... um, well, nevermind. Owner, please let your secretary know that if things do not improve, your business will end and she will have to find a new owner to sleep with. Nobody here wants that. Especially no one who owns a business. Sincerely, me.
  5. Thank you for the responses! I consider myself an intermediate rider who primarily races MX on an 02' YZ426. During rough sections of the track I would get a lot of head shake and "rattle", if you will. This took place primarily trough studder bump/breaking bump sections of the track. I was hoping that through the gold valves and the new shim stacks I would be able to eliminate the rattle I get through rough sections, but retain the stiffness in the forks through medium/larger rhythm sections. I'll take her out soon and see what I think then post back again.
  6. I recently swapped out my stock valves for Gold Valves with new shims. The instructions "strongly recommend" that the checkplate conversion take place, but didn't really explain how to do it well. The manual didn't explain very well how to take apart the midvalve, so I didn't feel comfortable making the conversion. Will it make a big difference in the handling?
  7. Traction12

    Heres one way to seriously injure yourself

    I wonder if they noticed that the guys on tv had muscles? What morons.
  8. Traction12

    Header Question... yes, I know it glows...

    That's some great stuff! I think I'm going to freeze my header tomorrow. If that doesn't work I'll try the airpressure method. But so many people are talking about how great the powerbomb is though... maybe when my wife's not looking... well, we'll see.
  9. At night (when all the lights are out and its really really dark) my header pipe glows!... ...which only helps to illuminate the gigantic dent I put into it at the last race! Anyway, I was considering getting a powerbomb header to replace the stock one. It all depends on price. The cheapest I've found one for is $150+shipping. Anybody know where I can get one cheaper? If not, I may just end up replacing it with a stock part... My wife has been keeping track of my "moto-expenditures" as of late. She doesn't buy into my terminology of "moto-investments."
  10. You guys are awesome. It was solely this site that led me to consider and then successfully attempt to upgrade my 426 with the 450 cam. I love the upgrade! Starting it is as easy as I could ask for. Plus, I've got increased power in the low end with an amazing increase (in my estimation) in the top end. Couldn't have done it... and quite honestly, wouldn't even have known about it, without the help and without Thupertalk! My dealer said it couldn't be done...
  11. Traction12

    Shimming a stock valve.

    Thanks a lot for the pics! It certainly looks like the stealth valves would allow more oil flow. Doesn't it seem odd thought that KYB would create a valve that seems so restrictive? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the shims are supposed to be the real regulating force behind oil flow, then does that mean the valves would be most effective with the maximum amount of oil flowing through them, thus allowing the shims to do their job? Other than speculating whether stock valves are more restrictive just by looking at them, is there some kind of measured research on the difference between stock and aftermarket valves? :excuseme:Sorry, I'm full of questions!
  12. Just ordered mine yesterday! As soon as I get them on my bike I'll post pics for you guys!
  13. Traction12

    Shimming a stock valve.

    Dave, I just want to say, "Thank you!" for the advice. I understand what you're saying about the shim stack program. It seems as though without a "more comprehensive" mathematical formula for shim stacks we will all be forced to go through the trial and error phase. I've read some of your other posts concerning the race tech gold valves and was wondering... do they actually allow less restricted oil flow as they claim? Because if not, and the stock valves are comparable to the gold valves, wouldn't the race tech configuration concerning shims work equally as well with the stock valve? I do realize that the two valves are different in many ways (diameter, shape etc.), but I would think that the proper shim setup would be directly related to oil flow. Forgive me if I'm over simplifying. Thanks!
  14. Traction12

    Shimming a stock valve.

    Dave, I'm one of those guys who takes pride in my machine because I work on it. It's the difference between a rich kid who buys the fully loaded classic car (because he can afford it) and the guy who built his from the ground up. I want to know that the bike I'm racing is the bike I rebuilt. I love learning, so if you are willing to write, I'm willing to read. ps. I've been working through the shim program site, so it's interesting that you brought it up.
  15. Traction12

    Shimming a stock valve.

    Hey guys, thanks in advance for helping me out. I've read a number of TT forums on the Race Tech Gold Valves. In the process I've discovered that for my particular bike, 02' yz426f, it's not neccessarily the valves themselves that make a big difference, but the valve shims. I realize that this can be argued, but let's just say that they're at least comparable and that no "hydrolic lock" is taking place. If that's the case, how does a "novice" mechanic figure out how to shim his own stock valves without the kind of help that race tech gives its customers? If I had Race Tech Gold Valves I could call them up and say, "This is what I ride, how big I am, and what style I ride, what would you suggest?" Is there any way I could do that with my KYB forks with another manufacturer, race tech, or even another company- or is it just trial and error? Thanks!