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  1. Daloof

    What Did You Do To Your FX, or FC Today?

    'to' their bikes, not 'with' their bikes, hahahah man i wish i was riding.. under 2 feet of snow and recovering from a shoulder surgery, i need some therapy!
  2. Daloof

    What Did You Do To Your FX, or FC Today?

    its interesting to see what others are doing to their bikes. I'm actually reverting on a lot of trinkets & modifications... I'm going back towards 'less is more'.... bikes are pretty darn good from the factory and im going to try keep it to what i would consider must-do modifications & bare essentials for my terrain & riding style/level.
  3. Daloof

    ThumperTalk member went missing with my bike!!!!

    Glad you got your scooter back. I think you handled this really well. 👍
  4. Daloof

    350fx/xc or 450 fx/xc ??

    260 butt naked or geared up?? 350 feels super light, but to get into the power/torque you have to twist that grip pretty good on it... for your size, the torque of the 450 sure sounds nice... but these sorts of questions are too vague to answer over the internet test ride both if you have the chance, that's the only true way to gauge it. good luck.
  5. Daloof

    TigerTanker's Bike Build Thread FE450 & FX350

    cyclops lights are great, run em on all my scooters.... for anyone not interested in getting the OEM headlight assembly for the FX check out the cyclops explorer light, plug-play for the FX & mounts right on the number plate.
  6. Daloof

    TigerTanker's Bike Build Thread FE450 & FX350

    FX350 is bad ass... first impressions & i love my 2019, just need to get through physical therapy so i can put more hours on it.... if the 2t isn't your thing I'm sure you will love the new scoot 🤘
  7. that comment was directed directly at joey about his post race comments... for just scooting around... shit, i can have fun on a vespa 😁 🤘
  8. i think there is a reason why most of the WESS factory pro's run a 300 for the tight/technical/gnar races & the 350/450 for the fast/flowy/whooped races...
  9. Daloof

    TE 300 or TX 300

    TX handles slow tech terrain just fine...chugs like a train & is hard to stall. Those AER forks are magic & adjustable on the fly. The bike simply rips and is 100% pure-fun-joy-happy-place dirt squirter.
  10. Daloof

    Southern Oregon BLM closure of land to shooting.

    ill never forget this one time we were connecting single track via FS road, and these 2 guys had posted up their own 'shooting range' right on the damn road, they were literally shooting up the road right before a turn. Quite the surprise for us as we came out of that turn, as they were pointing their guns at us. 😳
  11. interesting, i called the DMV and they said the contrary; 'of course you can have a SD plated vehicle in OR as an OR resident, why wouldn't you?'... that was the reps exact reply. either way, id listen to the judge over a DMV rep.
  12. Daloof

    Southern Oregon BLM closure of land to shooting.

    im pro gun rights and i agree with tiger... everything he is saying we witness at any of the local shooting spots.
  13. south dakota will plate out of state bikes, its pretty easy actually. oregon is a snowbird state so you can have the south dakota plate on your bike with oregon address... but the hard part is finding a place that will liability insure the bike which you need to be fully street legal.
  14. Daloof

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    hey buddy! swing on by, i won't be bale to ride but I'm sure I could show you a couple good spots to go to