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  1. MelonFan_123

    Drinkwater flats questions

    Sounds good to me! I completely expect to be vetted and tested - all good ­čśë
  2. MelonFan_123

    Drinkwater flats questions

    Looking at google earth maps of Drinkwater I don't see much for trails in the area? Mostly roads from the looks of it. I'm new to exploring that area and I want to find some fun single track, the gnarlier and tougher the better. I'm trying to stay away from the Rowher crowds of people learning, guys on ADV bikes, quads, 4x4s etc. DMs are welcome from anyone that knows the good stuff... Thanks in advance!
  3. MelonFan_123

    FMF Megabombs for EXC-Fs!!!

    Hell yeah!!
  4. MelonFan_123

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    holy crap, awesome build! I'm a Honda guy through and through and I REALLY wanted this bike. But I just ended up getting a new 500 EXC instead. The Honda just needed too much stuff done to it for my preference and mechanical ability. You literally lost me about two posts into all that electrical stuff ­čśé
  5. MelonFan_123

    2007 Triumph Bonneville T100


    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    ** 2007 Triumph Bonneville T100 ** Very clean, original owner with LOW MILES. Always garage kept, very well maintained. Put only 500mi/year on the bike. Features the hard to find New England White/Intense Orange color scheme. Comes with matching Orange helmet (size Large). Only 6,200 original miles, used for occasional weekend cruising, never as a commuter bike. I hate to see it go but it never gets ridden anymore. Just cleaned both carbs, runs great. Never crashed or laid down $5,900 no trades, call or text Nine4Nine 244 Five20Seven


    Thousand Oaks, California

  6. MelonFan_123

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    Thank you for that link Rustyg61! After reading that and also talking with Jeff, I think I will just go with the Vortex and be done with it. One thing I have learned in life is you never regret going a little "over" on things, but you can often regret when you try and shortcut something ha! When i look at my riding abilities and what I want to do with this bike, I will appreciate getting the most of its performance. My first parts order for this scoot (before it's even been out!) was about $600 - tires, mousse tubes, new sprockets/gearing, skid plate and other protection... so the thought of coughing up the dough for the Vortex was a kick in the nuts. But now I see the benefits and hopefully the smiles under the helmet will be worth every penny
  7. MelonFan_123

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    ok, just bought a new 500exc and trying to get up to speed on all this ECU business. This is my first KTM and dual sport bike so lots of new info for me. I read through here and didn't really see the pros/cons of the Vortex vs JD tuner. If the JD is tuned by someone that knows what they are doing is the performance close to the Vortex? I'll be getting a pipe, taking out reed cage, and doing de-smog all at the same time as well. Between buying new tires, mousse's, skid plate, fender kit etc... if I can save $500 or so by going with a JD instead of a Vortex, that would be nice.
  8. MelonFan_123

    Anyone use Michelin Starcross5 Mediums?

    thanks for the feedback! regarding the flex, I should have mentioned I will be running Nitro Mousse's with these, the sidewall and flex was one of the reasons I picked the tire.
  9. Anyone tried these tires? Will be on my 500exc so all offroad use (no MX) for SoCal area riding and mixed terrain. Curious to hear any feedback, I already ordered them so i guess i'll find out soon
  10. MelonFan_123

    Paiute Riders

    Subscribed to this. Would love to tag along on some Piute riding. Grew up racing D37 and thats one area me and my family never really went. If original OP is still around, i'm also in the TO area.
  11. MelonFan_123

    Dog for Trail Riding - best breed?

    just catching up on this thread and glad to see you got your pup! As i was reading it I was thinking a Border Collie would be perfect so I think you made a wise choice. I grew up with one and she was the best dog. Hopefully you have a nice sized yard or other area he can run around in when not out on the trails? My mother in law has one and before she moved to a large horse ranch property her border collie was cooped up in a small 2 bedroom house. Great dog but she was very neurotic and hyper. Once she moved to the ranch Daisy was in heaven and her demeanor and behavior changed dramatically for the better. She spends all day chasing squirrels and ground rodents around the ranch. She comes in every night pooped out and curls up under their feet by 9pm sound asleep. They are a true "working dog" and need an outlet for their energy. Also...SMART - they are extremely intelligent. Teach and train Roczen from the beginning how you want him to behave (like off leash etc.) A properly raised BC is a wonderful dog!
  12. read this thread with interest as I'm looking at getting my first used DS. Jeff, seems you're always using the example of a red sticker bike being the problem. What about the exact scenario above but a CA plated green sticker bike AKA older CRF 450X? I have a buddy who might sell me his plated 06 450x. After reading through this thread that bike should be all good for use as a dual sport year round in CA, yes?
  13. MelonFan_123

    Trail Beers

    Trail beers? What fun off-road ride is complete without one!? Best way to pass the down time while you heckle your buddy's fixing a flat
  14. holy shit you guys are a crabby bunch. I think these bikes are bad &%$#@!ing ass! About time someone took a cue from the Austrian machine. I too wish the dual sport was a little less "dual" and more "sport. But Honda has always been very conservative. The plastic cover on the muffler and the huge chain cover made me laugh. Easy to take off. A little tinkering and that 450L will be every bit as good as a KTM or Husky on the trails IMO. Also Honda loyalty runs deep, i think this will definitely sway some people who felt their only viable off-road option was orange or white. The Roczen "works edition" with A-Kit is bitchin!
  15. MelonFan_123

    501 FE or 701 Enduro... HELP!!!!!!

    I have ridden (but not owned) both bikes. For you, I think the clear choice is the FE501 here's why: 1) you mentioned OCCASIONAL interstate. Thats the big difference between the two where the 701 Enduro is the more capable on highway bike. If you're doing 70% or more off road riding (sounds like you are) than the more dirt worthy 501 is the way to go. 2) your height. I'm 6'3" so bike size to me has never been an issue, however the only bike i've ever ridden where I said "wow thats a tall bike" was my friends 2018 701 Enduro. That seat height is TALL. 3) the 501 on a highway is not scary at all. 65-70 is no problem but if you want to go 90 like your DRZ, you'd definitely have to re-gear it. 4) Rocky creek crossings and jumps are NOT ideal for a 701 Enduro. Bottom line, get the FE501, put on the Seat Concepts sport "low" seat and you'll be ready to rip! If that's not enough there are lowering links that can help with even more seat height issues