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  1. Question for those that are using the foot pegs as the tie down point. I have Bike Binderz and I am hauling my bikes in a 7X16 enclosed trailer and I'm trying to find the best way to keep my front wheel from moving side to side. I used the Bike Binderz for the first time this past weekend and the handle bars moving back and forth. I would prefer to not mount anything to the floor permanently like a wheel chock. Didn't know if anyone had a inexpensive and slick way of locking the handlebars straight
  2. This is exactly the info I was looking for. I have a helicoil kit on order and would prefer this route so I can use the factory bolt but I just purchased the 5/16-18 tap as a backup. Thank you very much for your time and info.
  3. I have a 2010 300 XC-W that I purchased two years ago and I just picked up a Rekluse for it. When I took the clutch cover off, the bolt (down by the oil drain bolt) was not tight and came out with threads on it. My question is could I tap the hole with a 1/4"-20 tap and use a 1/4"-20 bolt or would I be better off using an M6 helicoil? I did a couple searches and the most recent post was from back in 2017 and the OP never posted what he did to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Same, I have a Tusk hour meter/tach. I’m sure it’s not 100% accurate but it gets me pretty close in the ball park
  5. I have a 2010 300 XC-W and on page 87 of my manual it shows 1400-1500 rpm’s. I looked forever in the back under engine specs and carb specs and couldn’t find it, it took me forever to find it. On my bike, I prefer to keep the idle a little higher and around 2000 rpm’s
  6. In these situations, would you still be able to use the clutch to load up and get the power needed? I've read where you can still use the clutch for these situations. I'm asking and not questioning because I've never ridden a Rekluse
  7. That’s pretty cool that they are winning on the track with auto clutches. I would definitely want to ride one on a track to come to my own conclusion. Anymore these days, I just stick to the woods. My brain says you can do that and my body says nice try, what we’re you thinking.
  8. Thanks for the info everyone. The clutch that I was eying which was used, sold so I'll keep my eye open. As far as clutch control, I agree with you to an extent and while I have no problem manipulating the clutch, it is just convenient and the really gnarly single track stuff in my area. Most of the ones that I see for sale are for non-woods bikes or bikes for the track. On my KTM, I would like to have a Rekluse but I would not put one on a motocross bike.
  9. GunRunner7


    I have a 2010 300 XCW and I've been toying with putting a Rekluse in my bike. As much as I would like to have one of the new Core EXP 3.0 clutches, $1000 is to rich for me right now and is not in the budget. I have been seeing some EXP 3.0 clutches for sale and are in the $300 ballpark which is much more enticing. Rekluse said that they no longer have parts for those clutches so that would be a gamble on my part. Are the EXP 3.0 clutches good clutches or is there a huge difference between it and the Core EXP 3.0 that would justify waiting and saving up? I don't competitively race and just ride/race for fun. I would just like a Rekluse for the tight technical single track that I mostly ride.
  10. Any idea who’s graphics those are?
  11. Thank you for the reply and I'll see about doing some measurements, those are great points you bring up. As far as the stubby fuel cap, I don't have much experience with them and only switched to that because the original hose was getting hard and a pain to deal with. I'll just switch back to a hose, I haven't even had a chance to ride this summer because of a busy schedule so I've not had a chance to experience issues with it. Thanks again for the tips and info.
  12. I have a 2010 300XCW and this is my first KTM. I purchased this bike last year and I noticed then and continue to wonder if my rear brake side foot peg is bent. Here is a photo and hopefully you can see the rear brake side pointing more forward that the shifting side. The bracket doesn’t look bent out of shape so I didn’t know if this was designed this way.
  13. I love your trailer setup, very clean and functional. I just ordered a 7X16 and I'm in the process of planning my build. What are the walls lined with, it looks like metal but I can't tell? Do you also know what AC unit that is? It looks like a low profile unit and that's what I would need for garage door clearance. Otherwise, I'll look at using a 2 hose portable AC unit. One last question, are you happy with the Lock N Load system? Sorry for all the questions but I like everything about your trailer and what you have is what I had envisioned for mine.
  14. My local KTM dealer orders his springs from CSR and I have also personally ordered from CSR and have been pleased with their springs. https://csrsuspension.com
  15. Does anyone else run WP2? I used to run Castor 927 in my 99 YZ 125 but when I bought my 300 XCW, the guy who owned the dealership said 927 would gun up the power valve and other parts of the motor. He suggested WP2 and that’s what I’ve been running at 40:1. I do love the smell of Castor 927 though.
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