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  1. phierce

    I have had great luck with my rmz450 have u?

    Knock on wood:bonk:
  2. phierce

    NH legal riding

    Clough Never been though
  3. phierce

    SFB Flywheel Weight

    Anyone know if SFB makes one for us? MotoSport shows them. I've got a couple of emails out to them.
  4. phierce

    RMZ450 gearing

    I hope your right Greg. We've been waiting for a while now.
  5. Are the frame and swingarm the same on the new '07 the same as the 1st generation 450's? Interested to find out if the guards and shark fin from my '05 450 will fit. I may make the move for next year's Hare Scrambles.
  6. phierce

    Fly Wheel Weight

    both 250 and 450. http://www.msrhp.com/
  7. phierce

    Fly Wheel Weight

    The MSR one is a weld-on.
  8. phierce

    suspension question

    Anyone using this link for off road / hare scrambles? I had my suspension revalved for these conditions but would like a little more plushness. Would this link help as much as it does for MX?
  9. phierce

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Here is my '05 set-up for off road.
  10. phierce

    Help me decide to buy now or next year?

    Moto-Master for your brakes @ moto-masterusa.com Go with a slipper clutch (not sure who makes one for the RMZ450) RG3 claps and get the rear suspension link while your there.
  11. phierce

    Help me decide to buy now or next year?

    It's worth keeping it for one more season. More so if you've done any mods. I see brand new '06's for $5K OTD now. That should give you some idea. Put the money into the suspension. It will feel like a new bike for a fraction of the cost. I don't see anything with the '07 that would make me want to get rid of my '05.
  12. phierce

    Flywheel Weight Update

    Been looking everywhere. No one makes one. Some say there is not enough room I did read that Travis' Baja bike had a custom flywheel/stator made by Electrosport. Not sure if it was weighted. Probably not available to us mortals any way.
  13. phierce

    Picking up my new 06 450

    Don't forget the Rad braces. Enjoy
  14. phierce

    IMPORTANT RMZ 450 Question

    Some dealers here in NH are selling '06's for $5500 I found my '05 for $4800 OTD
  15. phierce

    Team Suzuki GNCC Graphics

    Those are the ones. Thanks