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  1. Scvette

    Wings or Akropovic?

    Love my blue and carbon fiber FMF 4.1 silencer,not loud at all.
  2. Scvette

    80/100-21 tire

    Has anyone used this size on the front. 2017 690 enduro.
  3. Scvette

    Riding Waddle Creek today 5-15

    I might could meet up sometime for a rock candy ride,I think if I went real slow I could get to Rock candy parking lot in about 3 minutes from my house...lol. Haven't ridden up there much,which is weird cause I live right across the highway from there. Shoot me a message anytime and I should be able to go.
  4. Scvette

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Ok pm you're PayPal info and I'll get it out to you.
  5. Scvette

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Keep me as number 1 to take it. Why are you selling it? Howwould you like payment? Give me a few hours to get things figured out. I'm in the Bering Sea fishing right now just need to check a couple things before I can 100% say yes.. I'll let you know in 3 hrs for sure.
  6. Scvette

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Put me 1st in line. But what's the price???
  7. Scvette

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    I used to run one of those big CPs up there,killed millions of pounds of opies,King and baridi. Sure miss crab fishing.
  8. Scvette

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    I was really looking forward to meeting up for this ride,I was concerned about showing up on my Ktm 690, I'm not a pro rider but think I might be able to ride with you guys......but when you started talking about cheap beer I lost all interest.lol. In actuality I have to go back to Ak to kill a bunch of cod fish in the Bering Sea so I'll have to pass and hopefully meet up later to do a ride with everyone.
  9. Scvette

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Would of liked to meet up and do this ride,I rode my street bike a little bit today,2 weeks after having carpel tunnel surgery on my throttle wrist is way to soon to be riding I can tell you that,I couldn't even imagine how my wrist would be feeling if I was off-road. Maybe in another week it might be ok to go off road. Have fun.
  10. Scvette

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    I better hold off then til my wrist is fully healed,I can afford bike carnage but not body.
  11. Scvette

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    What kinda riding? I might be up for it,I'd be on a 690 enduro. I'm also just a couple weeks out from carpel tunnel surgery but my wrist is feeling pretty good,as long as you guys aren't racing too hard I might could keep up. I'll ride tomorrow and see how my hand feels.
  12. What year is you're bike? How many miles? My 2017 was going through a lot of oil,I pretty much followed the break in procedure and babied it but then read on here about riding it like you stole it. So I thought I screwed up. Well I'm up to like 1500 miles now and my oil consumption is no longer happening,last couple rides I haven't had to add oil. I see you're in the PNW,where are you,I'm Olympia and I'm always looking to ride
  13. Scvette

    Lightest Exhaust ?

    Looks very nice. Can they make it any longer though! I'd hate to lay it over on the left side,that thing is going to get damaged. I'm leaning more and more to the FmF 4.1,even though you have to do a little fabricating to get it to fit. It's not very long so I don't think it'll get damaged as easy when you lay the bike over.
  14. Scvette

    Lightest Exhaust ?

    What is Sc project??? Any pictures of one? How much? Where'd you get it?
  15. Scvette

    FmF slip-on for 690

    How's everything looking with that new silencer? Have you ridden it much? Any issues if you have! Are you happy with performance/sound? Let us know,I know I'm still on the fence until I hear more about it.