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  1. JD Red - 4 Main 165-fuel / 200-air Pilot 42-fuel / 100-air Fuel screw between above 2 turns / less than 3 turns out.
  2. My jetting now is dann close to perfect. Maybe as good as I can get it without a dyno...the only thing is a slight stumble right as I go from closed throttle to maybe 1/10th throttle. For instance when I shift gears. Its just a slight stumble but its a little bit annoying. I'm wondering where I should make chamges to address that ? Needle, pilot? Maybe usjng adjustable pilot air screw ratjer than the fixed 100???
  3. Just want to say JD jetting has been really helpful and my experience has been 5 stars just like everyone else that I have heard. Jets arrived shortly after contacting and helping me get my bike jetted properly thru email. Great people to deal with IMO
  4. Now that my FCR mx 39 is running nicely I have been eyeing Cylinder Works Big Bore 94mm kit and Stage 2 Hot Cams. My DRZ400s has about 2500 miles on it. If I do the Big Bore using single base gasket and Hot Cams will I need to replace anything else to keep it reliable? - the manufacturer says its drop in/bolt on but I've read here on TT that may not be completely true for stage 2... I've heard of at least one person here using stage 2 hot cams on the intake and a web racing cam on the exhaust for best top end performance. I know if I go that route I will need different valves and valve springs for sure but which ones? What are the risks to reliability installing Big Bore / Stage 2 Hot Cams (assuming installation is done correctly)? Any steps I can take to minimize risks or anything I should be looking out for after install? For break in period after install; I live in a big city so I do not have access to a road without stop lights/stop signs/ traffic laws. Do I need to load the bike on a truck after install and find a place where I can do the break in procedure correctly? Does any maintenance change with these mods? For those who have done one or the other or both; How did your bike feel after install (can you rev it higher? power wheelie? more power in higher RPMS? more speed?) Any insight appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Right now, after refitting the air intake on FCR (thanks to member ohiodrz400sm advice) the bike is jetted best its ever been since FCR swap. I do have a bit of a 'hanging idle' issue where it slowly goes back down to idle speed after throttle opening. It doesn't really hang -- it steadily drops most of the time but does so slowly). if I crack the throttle a little while its hanging it usually drops down to idle speed faster...Adjusting the fuel screw helped but not completely fixed. Throttle openings 1/2 - WOT seem a little off and this is where I am needing help. I feel like it might be a little lean but I'm not sure...I tried riding with the cover off and the bike felt lighter but a huge power loss...what does this mean? Im guessing I need to tape up a bit of my 3x3 for testing to see if its better or worse...if better (riding uphill in 1/2-WOT positions) it indicates being lean in the main right? Any other methods of testing to confirm rich or lean conditions from 1/2 to WOT?
  6. Thanks for verification! How is push-pull different?
  7. I was re fitting my fcr 39 and decided i will get rid of the push cable entirely. Throttle housing requires that cable holder is in the throttle housing or pull cable won't work as it moves and won't stay in the housing ....can i just snip the cable itself keeping the metal cable holder part in the housing and discard the rest? It won't be pretty but it will work right? How do I convert to single pull system later, what are aftermarket options for throttle cable housing?? anything that will let me keep my nice aluminum quick turn throttle?
  8. You were absolutely correct. The Air intake to carb was a huge part of the problem. Now I feel like I am really close to dialing it in. Maybe put a 160/162 main and/or 1 clip position leaner. Right now I'm running 165 main 42 pilot JD red#4. Oh and my bike now reacts properly to the fuel screw turning all the way in will miss on idle and stall now. Thank you !!!
  9. I took your advice and double checking my air intake making sure it's on correctly before I continue. I am hoping this was part of the problem all along and things get easier after this. I remember you saying that your float level was 1mm off at 8mm instead of 9mm. This was in a brand new TT store FCR MX? After fixing this made a difference for you? I'm going to check my float level next if this doesn't solve problem...Thank you for the help!
  10. Can you walk me thru the lifting subframe method you use to get the air boot on the fcr. I started by taking out the bottom bolts on subframe. I unbolted the muffler and looks like rear brake reservoir needs to be moved as I on the right track. ??? Any tips/tricks using this method that you've developed?? Temporary Loctite on subframe bolts?
  11. Did you ever get JD kit to work correctly? Did you stick with the JD needle in the end or something else?? Considering that I don't have any engine mods and my jets are same size or bigger than yours I must be way off don't you think(with you having a big bore kit)? I've never messed with the sub frame but I've read about you using this method to ensure proper fitting of airboot. My pilot at 42 seems rich as closing the Fuel screw fully doesn't stall the bike, opposite effect actually the idle RPMs just get higher the more it's turned toward fully closed. Any suggestions as to what I should try next? I'm kind of stumped but I figure I will have to order some jets and needles and keep trying. Needle suggestions anyone??
  12. Yes, airboot is on and tight but I will triple check that next chance i get...Its clamped down evenly all the way around and used socket caps instead of phillips to really get it super tight...I know what you mean by clip position...I had that JD blue in there on clip 4 and thought I had it but once it started warming up stumble/ hesitation symptoms got worse...Maybe I should try blue clip 5 next??? EMN 3 is where Im at now...I remember reading that you tried several needles and thought JD blue was best of all...Where did you end up w your jetting settings??
  13. I've been trying to get this FCR dialed in and it hasn't been easy. Some days I think I finally got it, then I notice another issue and get lost again. Sea Level - SF Bay Area - 50-75 degrees weather First Attempt Fuel Screw around 1.75 turns out EMN - 3 45 pilot 100 pilot air 160 main 200 main air RS-2 w/o spark arrestor K N air filter 3x3 Stock engine The pilot circuit was rich as the choke made the bike run worse and couldn't be used. Bike always started without choke. Hanging RPMs in idle, idle not consistent. MPG dropped significantly, hesitation when shifting, part throttle (1/8 to 1/2) sputtering. Fuel screw all the way in did not stall the bike...instead the further out I turned the fuel screw the lower the idle was and eventually turning out would stall the bike... Pulled the carb because I was pretty sure I had an extra oring stuck inside the fuel screw circuit. Found the oring and carefully removed it then tried second jetting attempt below Pulled the spark plug and it was fuel fowled changed the spark plug Attempt 2 Settings same as above except needle changed to JD Blue-3 w/ 42 pilot and Spark arrestor silencer back in. Hard for me to determine which circuits were lean/rich but it felt worse than EMN. The choke was usable now but not still seemed too rich when used. RPMS would go up when choke was out then soon the bike was too rich and RPMS dropped and bike would stall (only during warm up). Not using the choke bike starts and idles decently. It definitely had a buzzy 2 stroke feeling in most throttle positions seemed lean in the 1/2 to WOT throttle positions. I changed the clip position 1 clip richer. Got on the bike and felt that I nailed the jetting seemed great! As it warmed up and I rode it for a while the conditions grew worse. Had a lot of stumbling and hesitation and turning fuel screw in all the way once again would not stall the bike...Pilot too rich even at 42?? I pulled the spark plug and this time it was not fuel fowled but it was black soot Attempt 3 JD Red Needle clip 4 Just didn't feel right at all... Attempt 4 Went back to EMN needle in clip 3 w 42 pilot and Spark arrestor silencer out.... This is where I am now...Hesitation when shifting. Cant reach above 6500 rpm in first gear without the bike struggling. Lots of stumbling in partial throttle positions. Plan is to try some different needles...NCYR? EMP? NCVQ/S Please give me some advice...Also maybe buying some pilots and mains...155, 158, 162 mains, 38, 40 pilot, adjustable pilot air screw? Factory pro tuning is 20 miles from my house and they are FCR experts...Its just that service costs over 400 dollars and I don't really wanna spend that much...Id rather buy some hot cams... Factory pro does sell this special emulsion tube but it says not for aftermarket fcr mx carbs supposed to help with lower partial positions. My emulsion jet is 49.5 mm...has anyone any knowledge about this emulsion tube... Removing pilot air??? Carb is new from TT store FCR MX 39... Please help me decide where to go from here and how do I get this thing dialed in??? I am riding the bike currently and it is OK but far from 'tuned' correctly...

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    Hi, just swapped these for some SM wheels. My DRZ400s had 2300 miles when these were taken off. Anyway, they are in great shape and ideally they will be sold together as complete wheel set front 18" and back 21" (OEM 44t sprocket, OEM rotors, OEM tires). I also have the OEM spacers and OEM speedo (including mounting bracket), DRZ400 S speedo' drive and speedo cable (Mileage on speedo is 2,307) being sold separately, feel free to inquire if you are interested and we can strike up a deal for everything. I'm asking $750 for the complete wheel set and that includes shipping to the lower 48. Please feel free to make any reasonable offer. I don't think I will be using these anytime soon and they have a lot of life left in them. I can also send more pics upon request. Local pickup is welcome. Send message thru Thumpertalk and I will give you my phone number for contact. Thanks!


  15. Follow up; JD jetting has responded and agreed to send the genuine jets in the mail. They said sometimes they have to get jets from other sources and even though they are tested and true to genuine they are still willing to send the Keihin jets. I'm happy with the response and that they are willing to send the jets.