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  1. AMSinator

    The Honda Flash Red Thread

    Yes, they are Vintage pieces. I bought them new for this bike mid eighties along with the Answer Aluminum handle bars. After bending up the OEM steels, falling during extreme hill climbing at Uwharrie. I lived in Bryan/College Station 88-90ish, use to go to the "Sam Houston National Forrest". Man that Forest trail system had some great "Deep Sand Whoops" for miles. I didn't have a map of trail system at the time, I just remember, what seemed like miles of it amongst huge/tall pine trees? Was not a National Enduro held there, also like in the "Brown Mountain Lites National Enduro" in the Eastern Pisgah Nat. Forrest? Is that trail system still there? I seem to remember reading in Cycle News about some use issues that came up?
  2. AMSinator

    KTM 450 SX RFS (2005)


    Traded labor to rebuild repair problems as a result of the drive chain derailing, bunching up @ front sprocket on a 2011 KTM 450-SXF. Support(who? & poor quality) at the 2011 Lorretta Lynn's Amsoil Amature National couldn't figure out the clunking/clocking noise in neutral (No, it was not the famous clutch basket rattle), as a result of the chain derailment. In their tear down/D & I, the repair service installed the incorrect piston rings.
  3. AMSinator

    The Honda Flash Red Thread

    I know not the right color, But have considered building 74-75'ish maybe 76' TL-125. Those were very stripped XLs, but longer swingarm and different rake. Yeah, I know underpowered, but engine responds well to mods, or just stuff the 200 motor in TL frame. TL-250 were much heavier, but obviously had greater torque FWIW. Oh, TL-125 also used magneto ignition(no battery needed), w/o lighting. We use to duct tape flashlights to frontend, so we could night ride in the Uwharries. in my Garage more pictures. 1) 1985 XR200R RFVC 4V to 2V conversion 218. 2) 1979 XL-125s w/ 85' ATC-200X big fin head and cylinder, 5 speed trans motor motorcycle conversion (removed forward kicker system) for trail or MX depending on mood. 3) 1981 XR200R w/ OEM XL-125s motor converted to 200R engine specs. Chassis also heavily modified for trail originally and later used for MX. All these bikes make for reliable trail, Vintage MX, beginner bikes for both young or old.
  4. AMSinator

    Xl500 frame help!

    Since both frames were non RFVC engines and of the same engine family that makes for an easier conversion. So now, you will have a 500 motor in a frame designed for the 250. Lighter frame etc. The front end should be stout enough, being MX. The shock should be a steel body w/o adjusters other than the spring preload. Per Works Performance shock catalog the XL-250R, 82'-83' shock length is 13.0" eye to eye length and the XR-500R, 81'-82' & 81'-85' XR-250R shock length is 13.5" eye to eye length. The 81'-82' 500 & 250R XR shocks are aluminum shocks w/ remote reservoir and normally only rebound damping adjustment. The 84 XL-250R shock I have is steel body, non reservoir, non adjustable other than shock spring preload/sag & Length is 13.88".
  5. AMSinator

    XR 509 build

    Is your frame by chance a XR250L or "R". The shock looks just like XL250R shock I used in mock up for 200R. The "R" shocks are Aluminum body, have a reservoir, Rebound adjustment on bottom of the exposed shock shaft w/o that cover. Steel shock is basically the main identifier for on/off road XL bikes. Early on/offs were XL-***R and the later XR-***L designations.
  6. AMSinator

    Xl500 frame help!

    I started my latest modification; Removeable Sub frame/Aluminum conversion and upper shock mount relocation in my Garage for my 85'XR200R (engine swap already done)4-valve RFVC to 2-valve conversion frame. This way I can download pictures of progress, keep notes on modifications, measurements and somewhat of a pictorial for my purposes. The build can also be a separate thread topic also, if someone wants to suggest their experiences. I guess that is why I have such long posts, not trying to pat myself on the back, but maybe give someone an idea to help them? PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED ON YOUR PROGRESS! I am very interested in the outcome. I was wondering if you have 84' XR250R frame and if that is closed loop, unlike the 83' XR250R frame you are using. Wasn't the 83' XR250R motor a NON-RFVC engine? Which would make a better frame to do the original XL/XR500 motor swap into, since both are non-RFVC. The Pro-Link Chassis was such an advancement into improved suspension systems. Night and Day compared to most OEM 10-12" travel twin shock bikes of that time riding the Uwharries (very fast single track & jeep trails), unless you spent big $$ on aftermarket units, such as Works Performance. The newer suspensions still changed the characteristics of how an older Well suspended 12" twin shock bike handled on MX tracks trying to ride lines of newer 12" travel Single shock systems. Just my experiences trying to compete @ Axton, VA w/ 79' CR250R Red Rocket, against early single shock bikes 82ish bikes. Of course other than sag settings etc.,, I did not have access to modern day suspension gurus like we do today. Plus back then, this bike was not considered vintage, only 3 years old.
  7. AMSinator

    Xl500 frame help!

    My guess, here in "Vintage Dirt Bikes"? Would a moderator be able to chime in ?
  8. AMSinator

    Xr200/crf230 suspension interchange

    That is the newest viscosity being used in 2019 and required for newer generation automotive engines. The OE oils are the introductory level of full synthetic from Amsoil and designed for OE (original Equipment drain intervals 5000 Severe, 7500, 10,000 Normal and up to 12,000 miles depending on the vehicles oil monitoring system. This is an Automotive oil meeting the latest oil requirements for new generation engines. Not a wet plate clutch oil. I have oil analyzed-tested used 5w20 OE with, 8500 miles on it, combined driving, from a 07 Ford truck w/ 120,000 on engine, using Portable oil analyzer that measures oil quality using current passing through it, much like the more modern oil monitors. The oil showed Very Good to Excellent condition, one level under new.
  9. AMSinator

    Xl500 frame help!

    Direct bolt in "No", but with Determination to "Yes". As Muzz67 stated, by all means not the same Gen. engine. But, since the 83' OEM frame is open cradle, that has made conversion easier, since placement of CS sprocket to swingarm pivot along with chain sprocket alignment (as stated below by huggers jinxed me) is the most important 1st position placement in this type of custom adaption. Members never know skills of OP asking questions. So correct first answer "NO". I love doing these type of conversions on older bikes and components sitting around doing nothing. KL-250 4-stroke in 75' CR250M with a splash of 80'CR250R front end, same Works Performance 17.5" shocks that were on my 79' CR125R, Briggs 20HP muffler on KL head pipe etc. Of course a nite Welding class at local Community College helped. I have a 79' Kawi twin shock, KX-125 framed SL-125 engine conversion going on now. Your project is inspiring me to start back on it after a number of years hiatus. You now have me thinking,­čĄöwhat can I put in my engineless 83' XR200R rolling chassis? One of the Best looking conversions I missed buying was a Premo late 70's(?) AJS MX bike w/ a Powroll XL-250 engine installed for 4-stroke competition, running $1900. Saw it on East Coast Vintage, guy said he almost gave it away. PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED with pictures in your Garage and here!! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. AMSinator

    1986 trx250r

    Since this is almost a 4+ year old thread, I assume your problem as been remedied? What type of center case gasket or FIPG (Form In Place Gasket) is recommended ? What finally fixed the problem? I assume you did use a gasket material/FIPG to fix the problem?
  11. AMSinator

    Xr200/crf230 suspension interchange

    VortecCPI, I too rode many Uwharrie trail miles(79-06) on many bikes, but primarily on 81 XR200R until 1992ish. Bought 02' KTM 400 MXC RFS in 02'. Still have bikes, just do not like the SETRA/4-wheeler damage and attitudes. Haven't been back to Uwharrie since about 2010. The "slate jeep rode", past the concrete bridge, is no doubt the best downhill decent section that allows for very fast pace. Brown Mountain's Jeep roads are actually great for similar fast riding, Biggest problems are the Drop offs on the sides of mountain are very steep. We actually had some unskilled/learning riders launch off into it. Made for a bad day at Brown. The Uwharrie H20/erosion bars were/are a blast to launch off of also. NCTR installed quite a few by hand in what we called the "Hot Spots". Were you associated with NCTR(North Carolina Trail Riders)? I was/am Charter member from inception, 1984ish when we were trying to save the trail system. Many hours of sweat equity put into that system with poor returns. Uwharrie Was >100 miles(?) trail pre-84, and down to <20(?) last I heard. The Terrain Tamer is no doubt well renowned in the NCTR club. My brother has the modification on his 2000 KTM 400 SX-RFS still w/ WP (43?mm) SX forks. Maybe we should keep him a secret, so he doesn't get too busy for the locals?­čśë Take Mr. Triplett's advice on the Amsoil. It sounds like I need to use him for my older dampening rod fork XR's? Do you have your messaging working? I tried to message you earlier. I live in Greenville, NC Eastern NC . AMSinator Al Dawes 252-347-5454
  12. AMSinator

    Xr200/crf230 suspension interchange

    One of my first experiences with this site was criticism on my first few posts. It made me stop posting for years. Many on this site are/can be TOO CLOSED minded to understand that you always do not have to "follow the lemmings over the cliff". I have read from this site many remarks that seem to shut new people down altogether. Unfortunately some have been a grave loss. "Opinions" are like butt holes, everyone has one, but some have two". The emulator, I assume is a great product, Paul Thede is no doubt a suspension guru' that has capitalized on a product of his design, patent etc.
  13. AMSinator

    2005 Suzuki rmz 250 head

    Good Morning Knate(SP?), Not trying to overemphasize head issue, but when you say busted, it might be repairable? The motor, I assume, you have is a 4-stroke? Millineum Technologies in Wisconsin can do wonders on very damaged heads, if you are unable to locate a worthy used one. If I remember new were over $400 in 2010. I had a 2004 KX-250F for about6 years, that no matter the type valves I used it would beat out the Intake valve (OEM Ti, Kibblewhite SS, coated Ferrai SS) faces after <25 hours hr. meter time on MX practice track. If you find a used head, verify year, and what seat material might be in it. Used race heads (Pro-Circuit etc.) might not be cheap, but with that bike hopefully a deal will be out there for you.
  14. AMSinator

    What type of oil do you "prefer?"

    Amsoil Suspension Therapy light.
  15. AMSinator

    Exhaust stuck together. HELP!

    Jimmy, I do also understand your point of view. In reality, sometimes it is not worth the effort of trying to save certain components, and trying to salvage something is a time waster, when you could be riding. The biggest issue for me is spending the bucks to replace the part if it was reusable. Sometimes inexpensive, sometimes unobtainable. Thanks for the understanding of my thoughts on the matter also. Ride safe and enjoy!!