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  1. Looks terrible! Do you know how many km it was driven with low oil and how much oil actually was there?
  2. Well, they do have good reputation. Part of the reasoning was that the oil circulates anyway.
  3. How come? Either way, compression was just fine. The guys at motoshop also reassured that it's not much of a deal to drive with super-low oil. Now the question is where it all go... How to check if I'm burning oil? Exhaust gasses seem fine tho.
  4. NECESSARY AMOUNT OF ENGINE OIL Oil change: 1 700 ml ( 1 .8/1 .5 US/Imp qt) Filter change: 1 900 ml (2.0/1 .7 US/Imp qt) Overhaul engine: 2 1 00 ml (2.2/1 .8 US/Imp qt) After the overhaul I've put around 2100ml, so it was running with 1600ml, I think. I'll check the compression to see if there was any damage to the piston/cylinder.
  5. Hi guys, couple of weeks back I had reassembled the engine of my DR350SE and properly filled it with oil according to the manual. Last night, after driving it for around 300km I noticed some engine oil on the block itself. It looked like it came from the clutch lever and also from the starter motor bearing (probably when it was laying on the side when I ghosted it few times). Therefore, I decided to check the oil level... and the dipstick was dry. It took whopping 400-500ml just to get it back to the norm!!! I have two questions now... Where/how that much oil could have gone, and how much damage could this have causes my poor DR?? Thanks!
  6. I wish it was that cheap here. $170 was the lowest I could find for the Wiseco piston and that's without the gaskets! Carb rebuild kit is $40 with a chance that it's from China. So have you guys actually ordered anything similar from AliExpress? Or do you just assume it'll be scrap metal. Most of my ordered household/electronics items turned out to be above my expectations.
  7. Hi fellows, do you have experience in buying moving parts from AliExpress? I'm looking to get a chain, carb rebuild kit, gaskets, and a piston with rings. Gaskets and what not are fine. I'm mostly concerned about the quality of such crusial parts as the piston and the chain, but with 1/3 of the price I'm ok even if I'll need to change them twice as often. As long as they don't break in the first corner and cause more damage. What is your experience in buying moving motorcycle parts from AliExpress?
  8. Good point. I'll take a look at the whole engine anyways just to see what's happening there.
  9. Hi guys, with your help I had finally sorted out the wiring (the degree of inginuity I saw was beyond scope 😅) and went out for the 'technical inspection'. Unfortunately, I didn't pass because the front light wasn't bright enough. I suppose a more powerful bulb will do the trick? The worst part is that while I was driving I got to know the bike more, but for the worse. After 5km I began to struggle to find neutral gear. If I wouldn't ingage it in my first attempt, I would be stuck in my first gear until I would drive again (if I would turn the engine off, I would be able to find the neutral just fine tho). I'll probably need to split the engind... Any initial thoughts of the cause for this issue? Also, I noticed a high pitch knocking sound which got loader after 40km. I suspect I'll have to rebuild top end as well :/
  10. Awesome stuff! Thanks Number1DAW. With this I have finally sorted the wires i need. I noticed that the relay was broken so I changed it. Now the front left signals works perfectly (I haven't done the rear signals yet), BUT something is wrong with the front right signal. It's lit all the time, and once I actually turn it on it remains lit but the lights of speedo and rev counter start blinking instead... (though the turn indicator on the dash does not blink either). After 2 seconds of that light show, everything went off and nothing was working... Luckily it was the fuse, but the relay was dead too. Maybe that's how the first one got broken. Sooo any ideas?
  11. Thanks Number1DAW for reply. The neutral indicator works though once engaged. Ill take samo photos of the cable. As for turn signals, there is turn switch on the handlebar and turn indicator on the dashboard, so I reckoned the model was with turn signals from the factory. It be great though if it weren't, then I wouldn't need to install them ^^ I tried searching for S model without mirrors and turn signals, but without luck. I'll attempt the installation today
  12. Hi guys! I have just bought my 1996 DR 350SE and I'm super happy about it! This will be my second moto after Aprilia RS 125 I'm preparing it for 'technical inspection' on Tuesday and I hope you could help me with several questions that I have: 1) The front light was disconnected and I had to sort out the wiring. Once connected, I noticed that even with the high beam off the indicator is slightly lit (see the attached picture). Shout it be like this? 2) When I was connecting the front light I noted two wires connected to nowhere. I traced them back to the clutch lever. Any ideas what they are for and should I fix it? 3) Do you use fully or semi synthetic engine oil? 4) I have to connect turn signals in order to have the motorcycle road legal, but I didn't see any mounts nor any loose wires. Where should I attach and connect the turn signals? Thanks guys in advance! ^^