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  1. Huffdaddy93


    Mine has been great. I wouldn't trade it for a new ktm. The yz is proven reliable and the whole bike is incredibly simple to work on and maintain. Get your jetting dialed first then you can make little tweaks like pv mod, head mod, exhaust, and suspension to further dial it in for your tastes. The bike is excellent stock and is a great platform for trail riding/racing. The only thing the bike isnt is a hard enduro tractor like a euro 300. I dont ride that terrain so its of no concern to me
  2. Huffdaddy93


    Kinger 317 #40 powerjet jetting too! He's got the YZ jetting dialed
  3. Huffdaddy93

    YZ250X value?

    Have you tried putting in a YZ spring and adding one more 0.8 mm washers than the stock X setup? Very nice mod compared to just a 0.8mm pv mod. Gets on the pipe a little earlier and with a little more bark to it.
  4. Huffdaddy93

    Power Jet #40

    Have you tried the N3CW-3? I have an extra in my tool kit just waiting to try up in the mountains. Most of my CA mountain riding is about 4500 ft so i'm not too worried about my jetting up there
  5. Huffdaddy93

    Power Jet #40

    How does it run at 6k feet? Is it starting to feel rich that high up?
  6. Huffdaddy93

    Power Jet #40

    I had TMR do the squish and bump up the compression on my 250x. For higher elevations i'll try the N3CW-3. Should be really close
  7. Huffdaddy93

    Power Jet #40

    Does anyone have a recommended setting with a #40 powerjet and yamaha needle for 3-6k feet 50-75 degrees? Im stoked to try out the 175/N3EW-3/45/40 next weekend at 1500 ft but wondering what i should try for those bit higher elevation rides
  8. Huffdaddy93

    Decided to go back to 2-smoke.

    Ask the previous owner if he did anything to the powervalve governor. If its stock, look into removing a preload washer. Free mod that makes a noticeable difference in the top end power.
  9. Huffdaddy93

    Lectron bogging

    Im planning on doing that when i change my top end next week. I'm sick of messing with the lectron. If a leaner metering rod and double checking my floats doesn't help its gtfo lectron. I had a lectron on my 300 and it ran absolutely perfect. Not the case on this one!
  10. Huffdaddy93

    Lectron bogging

    Im doing a top end shortly i'll def check it out. Never heard of that issue before. I dont remember having a midrange bog before the lectron
  11. Huffdaddy93

    Lectron bogging

    I've been struggling to get my 38hv lectron carb to run right on my yz250x. I bought it used and put a 4-2m metering rod in it which was recommended. I have spent alot of time tuning the carb to get rid of a bad midrange bog. Right now it runs great in the low end. Crisp and responsive off the bottom with consistent idle. It also runs good up top. However, the bike sputters really bad in the midrange right before it goes wot. Im also getting alot of spooge enough to run completely down the length of the silencer. Leaning the powerjet seems to have little effect and im currently at 7/8 of a turn out. I tried richening the rod in 1/4 increments per lectrons recommendation and it helped a little before it started to feel blubbery off idle and my idle had to be turned all the way up. Has anyone had this issue before? Im considering getting a leaner rod. Any help would be appreciated!