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    Starting relay polarity

    You are the man. Thanks. My 50/50 roulette record is not in my favor. Thanks again.
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    Starting relay polarity

  3. Bob Rit

    Starting relay polarity

    G'morning folks, Made a mistake I have told my son many times not to do. Pay back I guess. At the end of a ride last night my sons 2011 TTR230 wouldn't turn over after we stopped for a water break. Relay just clicked. We jumped started it and it turn right over. Back to the car no problem. End of the day anyway. Put the battery on the charger for the night. Thought about it on the drive to the hotel. Could it be a bad starting relay? Bad starter? Charging system? Next morning put charged battery in and the relay just clicks. We just jump start it and ride all day. Thinking on way home maybe just bad connections. New bike to us and the one thing I haven't got to is cleaning up all the connections. So... I pull the starting relay (in a hurry) connections are clean. Oh crap which is the positive lead and which is the negative? That is what I have told my son not to do. Don't pull both of anything unless you make note of which goes where. I do have a service manual but it just says make sure to connect the leads correctly. I can't see a '+' or '-' on the relay itself. Pictures in manual are black and white. In the schematic it shows the blue/white wire (labeled L/W in schematic) as the positive and the R/W (red wire) as the negative?! That can't be right, can it?