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    I now just buy a cheap pair...then toss them after the season is done. I had the same issues as you.
  2. heavyritefoot

    Ontario green plate mounting areas

    I have a headlight....I mount it on the back of my camel back...where should I put mine
  3. heavyritefoot


    Just do the jd kit and see how it is from there. Had the reeds on order till I put the jd kit in and it made the biggest difference. Cancelled my order on the reeds.
  4. heavyritefoot

    Should I return my JD jet kit?

    Did you istall it on the bike? If not how can you return something that you don't know if it's better. I liked my jd jetting kit and was hesitant on putting out the money for after I said this was the best money spent on my bike so far.
  5. heavyritefoot

    18' TE 250 jetting

    On my 17 250 te, jd made a huge difference on it. I'm at sea level thou. Maybe the ktm was jetted right. I screwed around with mine 3 times till I said fack this I can't be wrenching on a bike while I'm busier then a dog with 2 penises in the summer season.
  6. It's the needles that are different they give you a red and blue needle. I think the red is leaner if I'm right and the blue has more torque for trail riding. They give you pilots and different mains for the carb. I was getting 40 kilometers to a tank with my stock settings on the husky and splooge dripping on the swingarm and went to about a 100 kilometers a tank now with the jd and the pipe bang is eliminated now. I messed with the stock settings about 3 times and couldn't get it any better. There's different setting for different elevations but temperature you have to go richer for cooler. Jd is good for support also if you have an issue email them and they will get back to you that day usually.
  7. Screwed around with my 2017 husky 250 te about 3 times with my jetting changing out different mains and the whole shebang. Finally tried the jd jetting (didn't want to spend the money on it, never had an issue with the jetting on my ktm 300) the best money I ever spent on a product.
  8. heavyritefoot

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    Rode mine today,good bike. Put some jd jetting on her a few weeks ago and made a big difference with me screwing around with the stock jets 3 times and still hard on fuel.
  9. heavyritefoot

    Need Help - 19’ TX300 vs 18’ TE300

    Te for the headlight(nice safety feature when on the trails) and the tack hour meter is a nice feature. The 2018.should be cheaper.
  10. heavyritefoot

    2018 Husqvarna FE 350 jd jetting

    Ya just email them, they will get back to you.
  11. heavyritefoot

    Jett.... I mean air fuel question.

    Richer in colder temps and leaner in hotter temps.
  12. heavyritefoot

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    Emailed jd to hear from them in there needles and this is what they said. Will try the red needle and see how it is on trails for me.
  13. heavyritefoot

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    Did the same thing to my te 250 just waiting on the reeds there on back order. Like it better but really havnt hit the trails yet. I set mine to under 4000 feet of elevation the blue needle. Have you tried the red needle it's leaner one of the 2 needles or moved the clip to lean it. I played around with the stock jets 3 times and that was it for me. Didn't like how the bike was running with the stock and can't spend 40 minutes every time wrenching on my carb.
  14. heavyritefoot

    help with jd jet kit te 250

    Ya I ordered some jd jetting for my bike. Hopefully it clears it out a bit and gets better range. Getting 35 kilometers before I switch over to reserve. Can't be tinkering with the bike when I have a 4 year old that wants to ride.
  15. heavyritefoot

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    New seat just waiting for some jd jetting.