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    New-old dr350 rescue

    So this is my luck. Jets arrived. I've put everything back together and... It doesnt start. I get spark like every 10 or so kicks and neutral light does not come on. I dont know...
  2. Radek Swistak

    New-old dr350 rescue

    Great, thanks for your reply. But if im bringing it back to stock should the Arrow exhaust and K&N air filter be in the way?
  3. Radek Swistak

    New-old dr350 rescue

    Hi everybody. I've bought a '93 model of of someone who painted the yellow frame silver with a brush. Revs do stick occasionally when hot and finding neutral is a mission. But I have faith. I know it can be great again. Main issues for now are the sticking revs and it is underpowered. Air filter smells of fuel. Mods that were done: Air box cut open K&N filter Arrow exhaust MJ is 135 and PJ 42.5. Two extra holes in the slider and needle is on the 4th groove (from top) My question is where do I start? Oil and general cleanup and carb clean are done. Valves in spec.