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  1. Contan223

    400E Samco

    Hi Eirk, it appears when I first read your comment the full comment didnt load and neither did the pictures. Thank you for the information, like you say it appears I have been sent the wrong ones. Once again im sorry
  2. Contan223

    400E Samco

    Im sorry, I didn't mean to sound stand offish or anything, I didn't mean to offend you or anything and if i did im sorry about that.
  3. Contan223

    400E Samco

    According to samco's own website ive been sent the correct kit, I was just asking as for the e models they only sell either a 2 piece y set or a 3 piece individual set, which i don't believe either would fit?
  4. Contan223

    400E Samco

    Hi everyone, I have a 400E year 2001, I have just purchased a set of samco hoses to replace to original OEM ones. I have the bike completely striped down and i'm trying to work out how these new hoses replace the originals. The ones I was supplied were these 2 Y pieces, and they are supposed to replace several hoses, as shown in the picture. Does anyone know how and maybe have a picture of how the new Y pieces should be set up at all?
  5. Contan223

    400e forks

    Hi. I have a 400e with the gold fork section closest to the wheel. I was planning in getting the legs re-anodized. But for that to happen I believe the cast section needs to be removed. Is there any way to remove them? Thanks guys