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    DRZ400E Hard Start, No Idle

    So I think Ive dialed in on one of the bikes problems, tried to get it to start again this morning but it just wouldnt go, apparently I plugged the stator cable in again the night after it ran. Id had it plugged and unplugged and wasnt seeming to make a difference for a while as it wouldnt start either way. So i think I have a fried stator, will have to investigate tomorrow. Would explain why it suddenly dies out during these tests, drains battery maybe? Also after unplugging the stator the starter was clicking not turning starter motor, had to put it in gear and move it a little bit for the starter to work again, maybe the screws in stator came out causing it to bind until I manually moved it? Seems I stil have some fuel issues though, I removed the CE connected the two ports on the carb and capped the one on the intake manifold then zip tied them tight as I didnt trust those little metal clips to actually seal. When the bike starts it seems to hang very high on idle for maybe a minute before suddenly dropping down into what sounds like a normal idle noise, after that it only hangs for a few seconds after reving it. Any reason why it would hang so high for so long after start? Adjusting idle screw didnt seem to do much to effect it at this point until it drops down into a normal idle sound where the screw would effect the rpm.
  2. zeckor

    DRZ400E Hard Start, No Idle

    Not sure about any decel popping noises, bought it not starting so this is progress haha, sometimes pops while I'm trying to start it though Haven't fiddled with the idle much yet, turned it up and it does run better. Will stay running on choke without me using the throttle but after a short period it gets really ragged jumping mainly up and then back to what it was on the rpm, so I took the choke off which helped for another short period and then it starts jumping in the same way on the rpm again until it dies. Will try the CE removal to see if that helps at all. With the CE removed does the fcr have any vacuum lines? (None from fuel tank, just the manual petcock)
  3. I bought a 2000 DRZ400E, it has a hard time even starting. The only was I can get it to start is choke off, and 1/8 of throttle after a few magic button pushes. Seems rolling the throttle off right when it sounds it wants to catch and then back to 1/8 helps it fire aswell. If I go off the throttle after it starts it dies, and if I set the choke full open and then go off the throttle it still dies. I think this is a jetting issue? I have taken the carb apart and cleaned through the jets and what passages I could get at to no avail. PO had a 440 big bore installed and the 3x3 mod done. I believe its a slant FCR. Current jets are as follows: OBDX Needle 5th position from top (tried 1.5, 2.5, 3.0 turns on it so far) 160 Main 45 Slow Jet 65 Pilot Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!