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  1. Great seller. Fast shipping and easy to deal with. 

    Thanks again!

    1. walent215


      Thanks again! Glad it worked out!

  2. walent215

    Shop ripping me off?

    Your cam sprocket may have spun on the cam and be out of time now as well so keeping that may put you in a worse situation. Its very hard to tell if that has happened though. I had to send my hotcam to tjem for inspection and sure enough it had spun. Your motor is totally salvageable. We are currently in the process of rebuilding my sons yz250f that was grenaded. Millineum refurbed the head, cylinder and crank and i am doing the labor.
  3. walent215

    Plastics for CRF450R or CRF450X

    The "r" radiator shrouds bolt rigjt up to the "x"?
  4. walent215

    KX250F clutch

    Good info, thanks.
  5. walent215

    Post pics of your great deals

    Picked this 17 rx up and am pretty stoked on how well it works. Gonna try to run double duty...track and gps....the guy i got it from had precision concepts do the suspension already and it works well so far. Fmf duals, remapped, stiffer clutch springs, lighter battery, wheels etc. I also bought a stock R tank for it so if this ims is too bulky ill run it instead.
  6. walent215

    KX250F clutch

    our 12 kawi 250f had a similar problem...characteristic of some imo..I wouldn't worry about it myself. we raced the crap out of it and sold it with the same clutch in it and it was fine!
  7. walent215

    2016 KX250F VS 2016 CRF250R

    I think you would be very happy with the kawi.the Honda motor would probably have you throwing money at it to get it to feel better...imo
  8. walent215

    2016 KX250F VS 2016 CRF250R

    I've rode the 15 and 16 crf250s...also a 15 kx250f... mildly modded 15 crf....stock 16 crf250 and allegedly modded 15 kx250f...so kinda hard to say what all stock buses would yield but I personally liked the kx the best. We've owned 11 and 12 kx's and 15 crf250. I even liked the 12 kx250f better than the Honda. I'm just over 200 lbs and 5'8" 43 year old intermediate. The Hondas just feel anemic and the kawi motor is much better and the handling suits me better as well.
  9. walent215

    2006 Kx450 won't start, please help

    my 06 is easier to start than some efi bikes weve owned! only difference is 55 leak jet and maybe a minor needle adjustment. I love my 06 so much I even sold my 13 kx450 and kept the 06
  10. walent215

    16 yz250f maps

    ive tried a few that ive got off of here by looking on the search feature....jesse Williams posted one on here that my son ended up liking the best...if you do a search and cant find it let me know and ill get it for you...other than that there are some on mxa website and I believe Yamaha has a few on their site too....all that ive mentioned are on this site as well but it takes a little digging to find them
  11. walent215

    2014 YZ250F stage 2 HotCams

    thx for the info guys
  12. walent215

    2014 YZ250F stage 2 HotCams

    10-4...I just thought maybe you had tested some
  13. walent215

    2014 YZ250F stage 2 HotCams

    are Jessie Williams cams compsarable to the web cams in hp /dyno numbers?
  14. Its showing different part numbers but just curious if anyone knows if they interchange? thanks.