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  1. intimdatr

    WR250F 2001 dies at low RPM after rebuild

    Starting to sound like you have some sort of mechanical issue.
  2. intimdatr

    Carb Leaking From Overflow Hose

    Its can be a pain to get the old one out. I usually end up using a deck screw and and a slide hammer. They can get pretty stuck.
  3. intimdatr

    Carb Leaking From Overflow Hose

    How well did you clean the needle seat? I recommend buffing with a metal polish using a q-tip. edit: and/or replace it
  4. I could see it in the brakes that run the mineral oil, i.e. Brembos, as a substitute. But the whole point of brake fluid is it resists compression, I can't imagine fork oil being inherently better?
  5. intimdatr

    What happend with the broken yamahas?

    Nah man, I can kick my motor with a broken conrod to a podium finish.
  6. intimdatr

    WR250F 2001 dies at low RPM after rebuild

    This sounds very similar to when my stator died. Are you sure the new stator and flywheel are working as intended? Did during the process of the magnets exploding, and the likely the stator being damaged, the charging circuit get hurt?
  7. intimdatr

    stumbles with throttle whoop

    Its known as the Lean Bog. There are several solutions to this problem. I recommend doing all of them. AFTER the rest of your tuning is spot on, and the AP (Accelerator Pump) diaphragm is clean and new. Start with the O'ring mod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axydb2wSUpY Set the AP Timing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SNGm3tcQVY And if you are still not satisfied, then start to adjust your Leak Jet, (the random tiny brass jet in the float bowl). Stock is typically pretty large. Too Big jet = less fuel in the squirt =Lean bog Too Small jet = more fuel in the squirt = Rich bog Deping on riding style and elevation the correct size leak jets can vary a lot. But for the love of god, don't adjust things and just assume you've got it right by blipping the bike in neutral. That tells you pretty much nothing. You will need to ride it to tell how the adjustments are affecting your bike. It really does take some time to dial this carb in, but it works very well once done right.
  8. intimdatr

    2006 wr250f clutch slipping

    I'm assuming that includes the Functions and not just the steels? Double check the clutch basket, when they get notched it can prevent the clutches from sliding and clamping properly. Ensure the cable is free to move and isn't over tightened.
  9. intimdatr

    YZ 125 / YZ 250f

    16 years, and 6 months, and 2 days later...
  10. intimdatr

    Who trail rides a 125 2t?

    I guess it depends on where, and how you ride. Out in the flat parts of KS, and the open flowy trails in MO, my 125 is blast, but the minute it gets technical, My 250f is miles better.
  11. LOL. I personally still think the annoyances outweigh the issues.
  12. Not the 1st I've heard of people saying its a bit too...maulable. Im curious if they;'ll revise the thicknesses or shape to help with that problem.
  13. I really like the ~2016 Ford F series. Th f150 looks clean without too rounded, and the 250/350 still look like "trucks" to me.
  14. I've heard people in the STL area were paying nearly 100k for the 2nd Gens when they first dropped.
  15. You wanna talk about some wild shit? They cant build the Raptors fast enough! They're selling these damn things for 70k+ around here! WTF!?