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  1. ReeveC

    Oversized Tanks?

    Gotta have perforated stickers... plastic tanks breather through the sides and if the stickers aren't perforated they will bubble and fall off
  2. ReeveC

    DRZ400 Burning oil. Where's it going?

    Played out question but what oil do you suggest I run
  3. ReeveC

    DRZ400 Burning oil. Where's it going?

    It's too the bottom of the dip stick so what is that ~200ml?
  4. ReeveC

    DRZ400 Burning oil. Where's it going?

    Using royal purple and I change it every 1000 miles but it doesnt seem to lose as much the second 500 miles
  5. ReeveC

    DRZ400 Burning oil. Where's it going?

    So I didnt over fill it, there is never a drop under it so i guess the engine is consuming it or it's coming out the breather. What causes either of those?
  6. So I'm only getting like 500 miles before I need to add oil... I ride alot of 5th gear around 60mph and the bike has a few mods. I'm not seeing any smoke coming out the back or oil in the filter... where's it all going?
  7. so I'm looking at the ktm duke 690 and 790, is the bike comfortable to ride for awhile and can it cruise on the highway? also is this bike meant to put miles on or is it more of a stunting bike?
  8. so I currently have a drz400s, I'm looking to get something I little bigger like a Husqvarna 501 or the 701. how are these bikes on and off road? I would like to be able to cruise 70mph easily . with that I would also like to be able to trail ride the bike occasionally.
  9. ReeveC

    s to sm wheel convertion

    so I'm looking for a full wheel set for an S to SM conversion. I have found a few websites that sell new sets for ~$1200 does anyone know of a website to get the any cheaper? I would buy used if anyone near me sold them but them never do and I don't trust buying used without being able to inspect them.
  10. ReeveC

    Oversized Tanks?

    I have a few questions. What size suzuki logo sticker is that and where did you get them? Where did you get the rims? And also how did you I stall the acerbis fork gaiter? Thanks Nike looks awesome and that what I'm working on making mine look like
  11. ReeveC

    Drz400 vaccum line

    Yeah I used at vaccum cap 5/32 fit perfect bike runs perfect
  12. What wouldyou recommend then I'd like to get rid of the ugly stock ones
  13. Has anyone used the acerbis neoprene fork gaiters for their drz 400 ... if so how do you install them and how well do they hold up?
  14. ReeveC

    Drz400s to sm conversion

    So I'm working on converting my S to an SM. Are getting the SM rims worth it or will street tires on S rims be good enough? Do I have to do anything with the suspension? And any other tips about the conversion would be awesome!
  15. ReeveC

    Drz400 before and after

    Was it hard to put those graphics on and where did you get them?