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  1. KK2

    Lets talk about chains...

    haha.... Myth Busted!
  2. KK2

    Track builders

    otcmx.com IIRC the tracks cost about 12-13,000
  3. I've been using a did ert and it's stretched out all the way. What chains are the rest of you guys using? Even though my tag sprockets are fairly new I picked up some renthal ones just because it is reccomended that all are replaced at the same time. I'm thinking of using a did x ring... anybody else have some input? Also looking for thoughts regarding replacing sprockets that are still in decent shape. Thanks alot.
  4. This is such BS there is no news anywhere... whoever made it up has a hell of a joke going.
  5. KK2

    Urgent Question

    This thread is retarted... the ama has nothing to do with changing your number.
  6. KK2

    SDG CRF Complete Seat

    Promed, Where did you pick it up from?
  7. KK2

    Throttle sticking?

    Yea, but thats the clutch cable... I have motion pro t2 throttle cables and they work like when it was new. Go with motion pro.
  8. KK2

    pricing this 450

    heres a link to a thread with pics... http://009d176.netsolhost.com/phpBB-2.0.21/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=27&sid=945cd60b8cf9eccbf7e54f7dabda808d
  9. KK2

    pricing this 450

    If he wants to make the drive I have an 05 in NY for $3700. Or does he live in OH and not PA???
  10. Exactly... and why risk everything before the US open.
  11. KK2

    valve help

    I bet you it's the plug.
  12. KK2

    Mototown Usa Pics!!

    How long of a drive is it for you? From me it's like 1 1/2 hours. Thats a stretch to how far I'm willing to drive. I can imagine it's even longer for you.
  13. KK2

    Problems with an 04 CRF450R

    I'd say skip it. This is not a two stroke we're talking about. Maintenance is as important as anything.
  14. KK2

    Mototown Usa Pics!!

    Well lets put it this way... how many months of winter do you get in HI? After all, winter is the reason for an indoor track.
  15. KK2

    Mototown Usa Pics!!

    NOOOO day passes... all or nothing boys. Each member gets to bring a friend ONLY once at a $50 fee.