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  1. RideWithWill

    going to jump the gun on a beta xtrainer 300

    I was looking at the street legal models as well!! I called buena vista dealership and sadly they do not have a xtrainer
  2. Hey guys, figured might help some peeps wondering about the more common trails. I checked out Texas Creek, Divide, and Penrose. I was going to do Rampart Range and Rainbow falls, but saw 717 was still full of snow; however, divides main road should be clearing up within 2 or 3 weeks for what I saw! 717, might take another month. saw huge snow drifts. Hopefully this can help out some of you fellow dirtbike riders. If anyone would like to join me next or following week, let me know!
  3. RideWithWill


    hey man yeah we ended up going! you keep missing the good days! need to make it out with us soon! sadly, I might be out for a week or 2 until I fix my water pump. dropped it and killed it. hopefully by next week!
  4. RideWithWill

    going to jump the gun on a beta xtrainer 300

    thanks for the replies guys did not know the xtrainer are not full sized bikes. as for me, I do like plush suspension and not so stiff. I will see what they have! I mean I am not even sure if they have a xtrainer. will keep you guys posted! will be going this or next week
  5. RideWithWill

    going to jump the gun on a beta xtrainer 300

    are they tiny or ergonomics are weird?
  6. RideWithWill

    going to jump the gun on a beta xtrainer 300

    so a lot about speed talks. So I do ride double wide trails....not much single track around here unless I go more west (even then, not much) once in OHV trails I usually average 15 - 20 mph if its super rocky technical i seem to be 10 - 15mph I will test ride both if they let me...im sure if I say I am not buying one unless I test ride them they will let me. It could be I might outgrow the power...maybe quickly I always have on everything I touched lol. but one thing for sure, I do like predictable and linear power response
  7. RideWithWill

    going to jump the gun on a beta xtrainer 300

    most of my speed will be 3rd 4th. doubt I will pass it. most trails wont allow me to pass 30 mph with the exception of open forest roads / trails and if it is, will be a very short time.
  8. so most of you guys know, for months I have been debating what bike to get. top of that I am still figuring out my riding style. I know I like rocks lol. I like challenge but trying to figure out if I am the go slow or hit throttle fast. I do see a change in my pattern of wanting to give more throttle and tackling things with speed, so I think I am slowly turning into an aggressive rider and I like giving some good throttle before the obstacle. Biggest thing for me was weight, why I was considering the TE150 but power seems to be an issue if I like to lug around in 2nd or 3rd gear. TE300s tbh, I find them a bit scary on the throttle, though I am sure I can get used to it. So people referred me to Betas, which are rider friendly and for light weight, an Xtrainer. I also find myself liking to play around, but just keep in mind im still kind of a new rider. So I will be going down this or next week....hopefully they have some in stock and find the best deal. The websites claim the weight is 219lbs wet (no fuel) I hope that is right and they are not false advertising. So, im sure all of you guys have much more experience than me, so before I go get it, what do you guys think? great bike? easy to ride and rider friendly?
  9. RideWithWill

    YouTube Channel Swap

    if anyone from colorado, here is some latest footage of texas creek and snow
  10. RideWithWill

    do you guys ride after work?

    seems you are living the life! lol Hope once I retire, I will be doing the same and flee colorado city
  11. RideWithWill

    Dual Sport for $2000 USD?

    def agree with you! I bought a dual sport and I want an enduro bike now. Only reason I am keeping my dual sport once I get an enduro bike (2 stroke) is for the passes of Colorado. Usually longer, easier, and flat roads. def if you do intend to trail ride mostly, I would consider a plated dirtbike (if your state allows) which down the road, I think I will get a WR250F and plate it, and use that as my "dual sport" and my 2 stroke for hard trail/enduro riding. If I would have known what I have known now, I would have gotten a plated WR250f lol and a plated 2 stroke. but its part of learning ha ha thanks man!
  12. RideWithWill

    Dual Sport for $2000 USD?

    all comes down to the type of trails you want to do and how technical. almost any dual sport will cruise 55 - 60mph T dubs is a great bike esp 2k cant find any around here that low in price. for 2k, I would recommend a KLX250 or maybe a drz400 if you can find one that price. DR650 is great but not as capable offroad as a klx or drz. (depends on the type of trails you want to do) I can take my cb500x with 17in wheels on forest roads with ruts and stuff. I ride a KLX250 and it can handle hard enduro trails I throw at it pretty OK but not like a true enduro bike. I am NOT a good rider I am kind of new but I have been doing pretty tough trails with it. I would just lower the gearing on it. I can also cruise 60 mph but it will rev a bit with low gearing. I think the best gearing is 13/44 for both use. I am going to gear mine to 13/50 though since this will be my primary trail bike. just love how reliable it is. I also own a drz400 and is a very capable offroad machine. tons of power and cruising 60 mph is no problem. But klx250 seems a bit better offroad than the drz400 but the power sucks lol! easy as hell to use offroad though. With 14/38 gearing, I was able to cruise 70mph on a flat dirt road and it barely revved. I would also say DR350 or XR400 with xr400 more emphasis on offroad. If you can cough up a little more for a WR250R, I would do it. it handles just like a enduro bike despite the weight. Test road one and seems to be the best on offroad from all the ones I owned and test ride (dual sport wise) Just keep in mind these wont do as well as a legit enduro dirtbike. I can also recommend a DR650 if you plan on doing forest roads and easy roads. dr650 is more than enough but tw200 wont keep up most of these bikes are or should be under 2500. I can not speak for reliability im sure the more experienced will chime in
  13. RideWithWill

    2012 EC gasgas 300 - R as snow bikes

    thanks so much man! I will be on the look out for a kx250!
  14. RideWithWill

    2012 EC gasgas 300 - R as snow bikes

    really appreciate your help and spending your time helping me out. Yeah!! I would say 99% of the time a tracked quad lol. where I live, I dont think there is one person with a sled bike by where I live. If I were to go 4 hours west, then yes, but sadly dont live out there. so here is a video of what I am more or less riding. I usually use my quad when there is snow...but even certain areas we cant get to unless we have tracks, so that is why Id rather get a sled bike. I am pretty sure a KX250 2 stroke will be just fine and still outdo a tracked quad. these are the same trails I hit on my bike when the snow is melted only difference is its just snowed in and I will be going offtrail into the forest (yes its legal as long as there is a good amount of snow) here is some of the snowed in trails I ride, let me know if you think the sled (kx 250 2 stroke) will have issues. also the forest in between the trails. no not trying to promote just trying to decide if kx250 would be a great bike for it before buying it.
  15. RideWithWill

    New vs Old

    I dont think so. I ride a klx250 and a older drz400 and those are my main bike for now. when I hopped on other peoples 2 stroke 300, seems I was able to catch on quick and was faster on a much newer and modern bike