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  1. EnduroPNW

    Show me your...BETA !

    Nice! Congrats
  2. EnduroPNW

    To tune or not to tune?

    Didnt mean to strike a nerve with that 80/20 statement. I was attempting to conclude this thread sort and sweet....but...............I fully understand that a personalized suspension would do wonders for my progression and my bike. But as I stated, I'm coming off mx bikes turned woods bike. Both had stock suspension. (08 Ktm sxf 250 and 2014 husky fc250). I have had this beta less then a year. I think the suspension was really designed for my current terrain and riding style (aka I like it... for now). I know its alittle over spung for my weight but that's okay. I also stated I'm contempt "for now" I will re-evaluate at the end of this season to see if I feel the same way. I feel there is still room for me to grow with this stock set up before changes are made. If anything I would do the suspension on my KTM 690. That thing is a turd once it hits the rough dirt. If money wasnt an thought, sure I would get it done in a heart beat. But I have a house ,kids, life , other hobbies and other bikes to consider. And if there is meat on the bone with my current set up , I'm going to find it. In the end I happy to have done my own service and increase my own ability to work on my bike. Thanks to everyone who chimed in and offered up there opinions. I will say professional suspension tuning is in my future 100% just not quite yet. Cheers
  3. EnduroPNW

    To tune or not to tune?

    Older post now. But I ended up just doing a suspension service myself and freshening up everything. Decided stock setup is great for me right now. Learned alot and grew my understanding on suspension. I'm going to put the money saved on gas and tires and focus on building my skills and endurance. 80% rider 20% bike , right( this beta is already sooo good anyways)
  4. EnduroPNW

    Steel footrests / footpegs

    Just ordered me some fastway evo 111's . Probably shouldn't be ordering from aomc aka ktm-parts.com anymore (1 months wait on last order). But if the price is right. And it was! So I did. Fyi If you create an account and add the items to your cart then wait a few days they will send you a 10% off coupon to entice you to complete your purchase.....every time. Anyways 89.99 on evo 111 pegs +10%off[emoji6]
  5. EnduroPNW

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    When I win that desert 100 they will sure put that sticker on the other side for me hahah
  6. EnduroPNW

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    I know. It's the principle. I mean if they want me to rep their product . Place the sticker on the correct side lol.
  7. EnduroPNW

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    Random question, what side of the pipe is your logo sticker on for the 296 exhaust. My new pipe arrived today and I feel mine was slapped on the wrong side.At first glace, I thought I received the wrong pipe or something. But after looking at it, its appears to be the right pipe but the logo is on the wheel well side only....
  8. EnduroPNW

    Buying parts online - ref needed

    Yeah , I have been harassing skagit power sports to pick up beta for awhile now. They pretty much sell everything else.
  9. EnduroPNW

    Buying parts online - ref needed

    It was so long ago you probably forgot hahah
  10. EnduroPNW

    Buying parts online - ref needed

    You wanted to know........Aomc finally shipped my order. Ordered 1/21/19 Shipped 2/11/19. Great customer service the 2 times I contacted them inquiring about the ETA. But 3 weeks to ship an order, IDK if I will use them again if there is another option first (at least for beta parts). They shipped it standard FedEx home delivery also. so will be another 7 days until it arrives to me. I was hoping they would upgrade the shipping after the long wait, but no luck. To recap that's a day short of a month from when I clicked buy to when my product will be to me. If there wasnt snow all over at the moment I would have lost my shit 2 weeks ago.
  11. My 04-09 crf250r lever came in. Works great!
  12. EnduroPNW

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    Went pro circuit! Couldn't beat that price.
  13. EnduroPNW

    Buying parts online - ref needed

    Motosupply.com has a really good selection. But like stated they can take awhile if the product isn't in stock. I have noticed this is ture for more and more websites that carry beta parts. With the exception of rockymountainatv.com. probably becuase beta is growing so fast, companies want to offer the parts but haven't got the supply chain worked out yet. I made an order with AMOC.mx aka ktm-parts.com and I have been waiting since 1/20 and my order hasn't even shipped [emoji17]. I've been trying to convince my local mx dealer to pick up beta since alta went under and they should have the extra room now.
  14. I dont see why it wouldn't. fits my 15 250rr. They are only 10 bucks shipped on ebay. One way to find out!
  15. EnduroPNW

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    Hahah I was expecting some desert 100 footage. Then it was lady gaga and I was like &%$#@! how long do I have to watch with commercial before I can skip to the video...... then I realized the poker face