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  1. Repp

    Adding a light bar to a KX450F?

    yes, the bike was at my other home. I just transported it back to school with me. I will get some pics tonight.
  2. I really want a newer KTM 500 EXC but there are never any for sale around here and too expensive to buy new. I'm going to snatch one when I can find a nice one. Having fun modding the KX in the meantime. My last semester is Summer. Me and my wife have decided to move midwest around Colorado or Montana. I want land and a huge fab play shop. It has been a huge task to convince the wife to leave her family but she is excited about it now and been looking at log cabin houses. I have been looking at Lockeed Martin, Stryker, Medtronic that had jobs for new grads. I am a Paramedic and ICU RN so I have medical experience that would make me look good to those companies. Career fair is next week so full-time hire will be the goal. I'm excited.
  3. Yup, my KTM was stolen last semester from my apartment complex. I wrote a big post over the whole incident. RIP KTM. I got a KX 450f that I converted to Street legal now. I do miss the wide ration trans in the KTM but dang is the KX fun. @SnowMule I don't have the KTM anymore. I have a Kawasaki 450f that is kick start so no battery, lights, blinkers or electric systems besides engine stuff. I have installed a 12V battery pack made from 10 AA Nicd rechargeable battereis in the airbox for brake lights. I can't remember the exact number but I came up with 300 hours or something crazy high for the led brake light and blinkers if I wanted them before I had to recharge it. I also installed a 15W LED headlight from tractor supply for the headlight using a DC unused port up front behind the number plate. It feeds from stator output. I'm still unsure why this plug was originally on the bike unless it's the same wiring harness for maybe a KLX or something that needed DC power. I just got my spal fan in today and it fits perfect. I ran the fan for about 30 min on my battery pack and only lost 1 V so I'm pretty happy with that. Still waiting on my temp sensor but I know it's not running hot. I will take some pictures of my set up when I get the fan installed and figure out what I want to do about switches. @cobra46 what I trying to say is I can burn the stator up asking for my watts right? DOes it have a duty cycle or does it just output a static value all the time depending on rps's? I need to read up on how the whole circuit works and how it communicates with the electrical system.
  4. Repp

    Do I need to replace my hub?

    A lot of people are buying supermoto wheels and as a result, selling stock rims with mounted tire, sprocket, spokes, and hub altogether on ebay. Might could snag a cheap one. Just my opinion but It's hard to give a definite answer without having it in front of me to really look at. I'm a cheap ass and I always try to fix something before I just run and buy new parts. Just my 2c
  5. PAying 10k for that bike. I would be at the nearest dealers doorstep. Not because I want to be rude but because you have no idea how much that piece ran around in your bottom end hitting who knows what. Could be potential problems later when you have no warranty. And good luck trying to prove it was due to that. I bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma in 2013. It had a small but noticeable valve tick that drove me crazy. I took it back and they called and said they replaced the valves. I came backtick was still there and service manager says "they all sound like that when new until they get broke in" LOLOLOL. OK...... Had to be a dick but my after a few emails to a regional manager, I got a new one. And guess what? No tick.
  6. Repp

    Adding a light bar to a KX450F?

    I just recently did this mod to mine. I will take pics of mine and get the model number and mounting stuff I used. It was easy enough. I bought 4 different types before I settled with 1 due to the mounting. No extra drilling needed. I bought the 2 set LED's from tractor supply and used 1. I think its about 7 inches wide with 1 row of leds. about 45$ if I remember right. I used the power supply from the front plug that has a cover over it under the front number plate. It supplies 12.7 V which was perfect. I have a switch for mine. I can tell you more if you need and take pictures when i get back into town tomorrow.
  7. Repp


    I think the misalignment we are seeing is the fault of the photo angle. Just make sure the lines are parallel with the top of the head. always take spark plug out and hand roll it over after any timing changes to make sure you are not hitting the piston with the valve just to be sure. I just recently was in on my 17' like yours and being one tooth off is very noticeable with aligning the marks up with the head.
  8. I don't have my temp sensor for my new bike (2016 kx450f fuel injected) but the KX runs much cooler (No fan installed yet) than my 2006 KTM 450 EXC (carburated) that had a stock Spal radiator fan. Until my fan comes in for the KX, I touch the radiator while I'm at stop lights to monitor temperature. I can remain stopped without airflow at least 3 times longer on the KX than the KTM. On the KTM I could only touch the radiator may be a second before it burned my finger too much to touch. I installed a fan to the KTM and ran rich settings to help but DAMN she was always HOT! I'm going to install the fan to the KX just to help with no airflow situations but honestly, it's doesn't get hot enough for me to really worry about it like the KTM. I miss 6th gear...RIP
  9. Another electrical question: How do I know how much power I can steal from the stator for lights, horns, fan, etc without interfering with the EFI and ignition? As of now, I have a battery pack for the lights and battery pack for the fan because I wasn't 100% sure about robbing from the stator. EDIT** My bike is a 2016 KX450f kick start
  10. Also to anyone who might know. Is there a way to diagnostically read the max watts the stator is putting out? For example, I want to add X amount of watts to pull from the stator. Where is my "safe" limit without burning it up? Is it just the rated watts by the manufacturer?
  11. What gauge wire do you suggest? I need to do this on my new bike.
  12. well..... you were right
  13. I used one for my 06 450 exc for a couple of months before it was stolen. Worked great. no complaints here.
  14. ^ yes, with stats and numbers, please. Aluminum is tragically being sacrificed every day! Time is of the essence. go go go.
  15. Repp

    Out of frame pipe

    ...? serious