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  1. 416mike

    Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0

    The worst experience possible. I bought Medium Ultra Cell 2.0 braces. While riding, one of the top strap buckles came undone which I noticed later - shown in "asterisk buckle 1" photo. This is a manufacturing error where the screw used was misaligned/drilled in place outside of it's respective hole point. I emailed asterisk and was told to send them in to them so I did (at my own cost). I asked if they send me a new pair it be a Large as I can tell the Mediums sit a bit high on the knee despite accurately matching knee size to their instructions. I think my thigh and calves are larger than average which is where the problem was. They sent me back my Mediums. No problem - they're obligated to fix the problem not send me new ones. I pulled the screw out of the specific buckle which I sent the braces in for repair. I found "returned buckle 1" image. It looks better, but still clearly not properly done. Out of curiosity I checked the same buckle on the other brace and found "opposite buckle" image. It's also clearly wrong. Lastly, I checked a buckle on the bottom of one brace as shown in "correct buckle" image. That's how all of these buckles should look. I emailed all of these photos back into several members of their team after I got these back in the mail and asked if this is the best they can do. It's been about two weeks now with no response. Two nights ago a took a spill in a corner and I found out this morning I completely tore my ACL while where these braces. Surgery is around the corner. When you spend over $700 for knee braces you better find a company that cares about your safety and that hasn't been Asterisk in my case. It's likely there are several more of these braces out on the track which have buckles that are nearly broken like mine was (completely broken). I felt they should have sent me Large braces back in respect of their manufacturing error instead they sent me mine back with multiple errors. I'll never wear Asterisk's again and will never recommend this product or company.
  2. I just left a review on here for Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0. One of my buckles came apart in the first couple rides due to poor manufacturing. I sent them back in and they sent them back to me in almost equally bad condition. I requested Large instead of my Mediums also which they were unable to provide. This was two weeks ago. I tore my ACL two nights ago wearing the Mediums they sent back to me. Poor product, worse service.
  3. 416mike

    Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0

    1 review

    Introducing the ALL-NEW Ultra Cell 2.0. With continued ultimate support as in the current Ultra Cell, we have trimmed down the profile of the liners and made getting in and out of the brace very easy with 4 snap-in strap liner attachments, also allowing independent adjustment for the best comfort and support. Although many of our customers have been extremely satisfied with the Ultra Cell with the BOA system, we felt it necessary to have a lower profile model with a quick release system available as an option. Undersleeves and Tethers are included.
  4. 416mike

    Piranha 140 high idle

    Hey guys, Sorry for the delay! So I ended up putting the bike in hands of a friend/technician. He basically just turned the air screw out a lot further which got the slide to drop lower. I had read 1.5/2 turns out was proper setting but that's what has the slide sitting in the pictures above. The tip of the air screw is far more tapered. So, I feel like the air screw is close to coming all the way out but its in by a few threads I'd say. Anyway, he dropped in some smaller jets with that if I remember right and it is running ok now so I'm leaving it be. It was back firing off the kick even after the adjustments but a little run time and breaking in the engine seems to have gotten rid of that. This thing has so much bottom end and no top end! I expected that, though. I don't remember the front sprocket size but it seemed large. Hopefully I can gear it a little better. It's a fun bike none the less.
  5. 416mike

    Piranha 140 high idle

    You're right I should have the filter on. I tried it first off today then put it on anyway and really no difference. It seems that getting gas to it at idle is difficult unless choked. By my readings, the 25 pilot in this vm26 carb is typically rich (22.5 is stock). Basically the same high idle result for me whichever one I use. Needle clip levels don't change much. 190 main jet is pretty large as well, I thought. The throttle cable is brand new and works well. Easy to hear the slide bottom out. I'm a little uncertain how well the exhaust is sealed up at the head. When the engine dies it always backfires gas out the carb pretty hard and I don't know if thats a symptom or normal. Sometimes this thing wants to break my ankle when I kick it but I figured its just a lot of compression.
  6. 416mike

    Piranha 140 high idle

    Update - I tried putting in new bolts from the manifold to the head where Vince thought they could be bottoming out. They definitely could have been bottomed out but the new shorter bolts didn't change anything. I took it apart again and used gasket sealant around both gaskets as well as the rubber boot connecting carb/manifold. Still high idle. Before I used the sealant, pulling the choke out killed the bike though and now pulling the choke settles it down about right before dying a few moments later. It's crazy the difference in RPM without choke on and then pulling it out (really high idle to basically dead). Currently have 190 main, 25 pilot.
  7. 416mike

    Piranha 140 high idle

    There's a notch on the side of the slide which only allows it to sit in the carb one way. Appreciate the thought, though.
  8. 416mike

    Piranha 140 high idle

    It's an old steel air filter. It gets in the way as I've been testing so it's not on in the photos. I don't have any different results with it off/on. Vince at TBolt responded with the photo attached. I'm going to try sealing the gaskets up as he suggests and follow up asap (hopefully tonight).
  9. 416mike

    Piranha 140 high idle

    Hi guys, I'm working on hooking up a yx 140 (piranha 140) bought from TBolt. Putting it on a xr 50 frame. I had an old Mikuni VM 26 that I put a rebuild kit in and put it on the 140. I realized the manifold was wrong so I got the right one from TBolt as well. Its had high idle since the first time I started it. I've been through a lot of different jetting, needle clip levels, float level change, about every carb setting I could imagine. Throttle cable isn't sticking at all (it's new too) and the slide drops all the way down you can hear it smack the bottom. I've sprayed fluid around possible leak points and nothing changes. I cover the intake with a rag and it kills the engine so I don't think it's air leak. I broke down and bought a whole new VM 26 thinking the old one was somehow ruined. Same problem still. What else can I try? Current jetting is 22.5 pilot, 190 main that comes in the carb stock. I haven't done anything electrical aside from plugging the box in that came with the 140. Exhause is a really old pro circuit for xr50. I attached some photos. I also emailed into T Bolt today but no response yet.
  10. 416mike

    CRF50 needs some attention

    Hi folks, I'm new to TT. Seeking some help with an old pit bike (shown in pics). I didn't do the mods on this but saw some value and bought it cheap. It hasn't ran since shortly after I got it a couple years ago. When it did run it was blowing blue smoke I assume burning oil.. probably why it was bought so cheap. It has a 124cc Takegawa kit and I'm not sure the brand of clutch kit installed so I'm hoping you guys notice. It doesn't have any oil right now and I'm wondering if dumping oil in the clutch cover treats the whole engine and clutch or if they're separated inside. I think some oil and fresh gas would get it running again but like I said it didn't seem very healthy when it did run. Does the blue smoke I used suggest the top end needs replaced? Are these parts still accessible if so? Lastly, the sprockets don't align well and the rear brake hardly works. It may just need fluid but are there any good swingarm/rear brake kits out there for decent price? I'd about prefer to remove the swingarm/wheel/brake and start new there. Carb is a Mikuni, PC exhaust, if wondering. I'm not sure what the forks are from but they and the front brake work. Thanks for any help. Would love to get it built right and repost!