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  1. One other thing to consider. Green technology is one of the biggest focus of entrepreneurs today. Solar films, batteries, charging technology, electrical infrastructure have a LOT of money getting poured into them right now. Plus all electric has the perception of being zero emissions. And people understand and are comfortable with electricity. Hydrogen is not commonly used in the household. I think of huge blimps on fire when I think of hydrogen.
  2. You might be right and it looks like Dirt Rider agrees. They did an article about the furture of dirt bikes and don't see full electric until 2050. That that bike has 2 electric motors, 1 in each hub. And batteries are not even mentioned to be the power source. I personally disagree. Batteries are expected to be replaced by "super capacitors" that charge in 5 minutes and hold a lot more energy. Check out eestor. I get a similar high on mountain bikes as my ICE dirt bike. I agree that electric will be a similar high with a different spin.
  3. skadamo

    Drz400SM or Hyosung RX450SM

    Don't think it was mentioned yet. The 450 motor is made by Fuji. Polaris uses it in one of thier sport quads.
  4. skadamo

    Hyosung Xrx 450 Enduro-motocross

    Yeah, it was originally spec'd out to be a 400. Shows how old that picture acutally is. I origianlly saw that pic 2 years ago.
  5. skadamo

    Hyosung Xrx 450 Enduro-motocross

    Hyosung is South Korean That is a prototype picture. I am sure (hope) they will change the plastic. Judging by the TE450 quad I think they will.
  6. I have my eyes on this bike too. $1895? Reliable? 160 lbs? The other links to similar bikes can not touch the Sikk for the price. Found this blog article... http://www.othermakes.net/blog/sikks-new-motorcycle-category.html Think this bike will create a new category of rider? I owned a mountain bike before I started riding motorcycles. There is nothing like railing curves on a mountain bike. Motorcycles are cool too, just are not the same. I am wondering if this will bridge the gap. Please let me know how you guys like it.
  7. skadamo

    Which Tire Change Stand?

    got a link? I can't find this stand on rm's web site.
  8. skadamo

    rocky glenn Rockford Il.

  9. skadamo

    The Buffalo is dying

    Well, I'm sure it won't...I really hope not anyway. I like the single track the best thats why I feel it is dying. I'll still go either way i'm sure. I love thier new store, good prices. They could easily take thier captive audience to the cleaners but everything is below retail.
  10. skadamo

    Free play in rear suspension.

    My bro's DRZs has 500 miles on it and there is a small amount of up and down play in the rear suspension...small but noticable. It can't be toast that fast can it?
  11. Just wanted to post this as an FYI... I put a tusk inline filter... http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Product_Details.atv?pid=00069367 ...in my feul line because the place I was riding has a lot of fine silica sand. A friend of mind suffered a stuck throttle there so I thought i would play it safe. Anyway, it broke on me. You can kind of see where the hose is coming off at a weird angle, right at the top of the filter... With the benefit of hind sight I should have put it on the straight part of the feul line. I have also learned that more parts = more potential for failure. Luckly my bike ran the whole ride OK. I noticed right before I washed the big yellow pig. (I say that with much love)
  12. skadamo

    The Buffalo is dying

    I was at BR Sunday and I saw the unthinkable... quad tracks. parts of the out of bounds area is getting the old double rut treatment. I was riding up to the big quarry and sure enough...8 quads at the top. Ride 'em while you can boys.
  13. skadamo

    Illinois Riding

    also, if you ride dual purpose bikes check this forum.... http://www.advrider.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=27 lots of fun rides there. Plenty of riders in your area...
  14. skadamo

    Illinois Riding

    Well, imho, Buffalo Range in Ottawa, IL is the best riding in IL. No quads allowed so its a great place for single track. It is along the illinois river...all kinds of terrain...sand, mud, rock dirt cliffs, hills that will make you crap yourself. well, you are from offroad heaven so maybe not. It will be a 2 hour drive for you. check the midwest forum, those guys ride there....
  15. skadamo

    Honda Ape

    Yeah, those are cool. I want one. I saw them a few months back and started doing some research on how to import one. I did not get very far but I did create a google group to discuss Grey Market bikes... http://groups-beta.google.com/group/Grey-Market-Motorcycles/ Not much info but there are some more pics of the Ape.