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  1. moondog450

    trailtech computers

    I've got mine coming this week, has there been any problems with water getting into the units? they look real good.
  2. moondog450

    Fast bikes, slow website

    I noticed that also dr, hopefully just teething problems for the new site.
  3. moondog450

    07' EXC Pictures?

    Hehe, yeah I like that raven, good call
  4. moondog450

    07' EXC Pictures?

    My 06 525 exc is road legal here in Australia. They are fantastic on the road but do get a little headshake now and then.
  5. moondog450

    450EXC Pops on Decelleration

    Peerless, have a look at ktmtalk and Dave has 2 pinned threads under Hot Topics, Jetting for 2 & 4 Strokes. A fantastic insight as to why your bike could be doing this. I had the same problem as you with the red so i went back to the blue on the 3rd and an o-ring mod. Have a read of it.
  6. moondog450

    450EXC Pops on Decelleration

    Yep Dave is right (again) Definately the seal of the header pipe. The other option is to not seal it and love the backfire and gurgling. I can manage a 8 to 12 inch flame out the back of my 525. Looks fantastic late in the afternoon.
  7. moondog450

    just put down a deposit on an '07 EXC450

    Hey bigfat, the 450 will have a hour meter built in. I would do the vent hoses into the airbox. Over at ktmtalk, there is a pinned thread of what to do to prep your bike, including greasing the steering head bearings blah blah. I would try the normal seat first, they are pretty good. Definately get a JD kit. Cam cover bolts, havn't been an issue for me, nor have I heard of any recent problems. Break in... well dont flog it..dont baby it. Give it a squirt here and there, no ultra heavy duty riding. Valves are first done at 3 hours with first service.(as by the book) Change it regularly. About 10-15 hours seems to be the norm. Most guys do filters every second oil change, I personally do mine every oil change. My bike is worth it, and filters are cheap. Hope this helps and enjoy your new thumper.
  8. moondog450

    525EXC with all the extras

    Pics are not showing up.
  9. moondog450

    2007 Ktm Exc 250-525

    Scroll down my friend, there is a thread with the pics on it. Started by FHDIUX
  10. moondog450

    o-ring on accel pump....perfect!

    I put on a nice thick o-ring and yep, this mod is fantastic. Has lost that hesitation and punches hard.
  11. moondog450

    o-ring on accel pump....perfect!

    Eli, did you use a supplied o-ring or just one that seemed to fit. My 06 525 has JD and honda pump but also that little hesitation. Just curious if I can use any size oring. Cheers.
  12. moondog450

    Honda diaphram for your ktm!!!

    The easy, cheap way is to try it. Spend a few bucks and check it out. I put in the Honda diaphragm and the fuel saving on my bike is better than that of a 400 exc compared to my 06 525. Bigboot, have a look at ktmtalk and you will find hundreds of ktm'ers that have done this mod that are impressed with the outcome. The best way is just to try it. Enjoy your ride
  13. moondog450


    Yep, ktmtalk has the info. I just did my first valve job and it was easy with the instructions from djh. Have a look in the valve forum and you'll be sweet.
  14. Thanks James, I have put the blue on 3rd back in and leaned it out a touch. Problem fixed. Thanks.
  15. 06 525 exc. Sea level. Coming on winter in Aus. I have put the JD kit with the blue needle on the 3rd. What I found is it was lacking a little mid range punch. I followed the specs set for main jet, mixture, and then played with the mixture a little to no avail. So I then tried the red on the 5th, which seem to fix the mid range and generally goes hard all the way through. However since the red went in, on start-up or hot engine, when I snap the throttle reasonably quickly, it hesitates and if it doesnt die it will come close to it, until you back off. I am curious if this is telling me something about mixture, or clip position or something else. It didnt do it with stock jetting. Have also just fitted the honda diaphragm and I'm not sure if it would help but it hasnt seemed to. Just way better fuel economy. Any ideas??? Thanks.