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  1. John Underwood

    New fork oil is dark and smelly

    Good to know, thanks for the help! It does look clean. It's just dark and smells like used differential oil. I guess I'll use it and let Amazon know I got more than I ordered.
  2. John Underwood

    New fork oil is dark and smelly

    The other odd thing that makes me question this is I received two cases instead of the two quarts I ordered and paid for. Maybe I got a sweet deal or maybe someone's trying to make a shady buck?
  3. John Underwood

    New fork oil is dark and smelly

    Yeah the little plastic ring on the cap was intact. There's no foil seal or spout seal on these bottles like I've seen on other bottles.
  4. I just want a sanity check here. I bought some motul 5w fork oil off Amazon. The oil is really dark and stinky. Just doesn't seem right since all the fork oil I've ever used was pretty clear when new. The oil on the right is the new stuff. The oil on the left is from an older quart of fork I had laying around.
  5. John Underwood

    4st RR Intermittent Erratic Idle And Hard to Start Fix

    Good call on that MM I've not had any issues with my '17 430 rrs but decided to take a look and sure enough, there is a bit of corrosion there.
  6. John Underwood

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    I'm not sure you can. According to the VVmapping website Oceana is township specific, not county-wide: https://www.vvmapping.com/trails/MICounties/MICounties.html It looks like only two townships allow ORV use on the side of the road. https://www.vvmapping.com/trails/MICounties/ordinances/Township_of_Leavitt_Oceana_County_ORV_Ordinance_6_rev_c.pdf https://www.vvmapping.com/trails/MICounties/ordinances/Township_of_Newfield_Oceana_County_PROPOSED_ORV_Map.pdf
  7. John Underwood

    Beta drain plug repair kit

    The drain plug repair kit showed up this past Thursday so I was able to fix the threads that evening. Overall it is a fairly easy fix, but there are a few things to keep in mind. I decided to do the job with the bike laying on its brake (right) side rather than on the kickstand. It makes it easier to see what you are doing and there is a "channel" or "cutout" on the left inner side of the oil drain hole. I wanted to keep any shavings from falling into that hole. I did need to prop up the bike a bit while on its side so I would have enough room for the tap handle. The kit comes with a tap guide that fits into outer machined surface of the drain hole. It is a fairly tight fit and I couldn't get it to seat properly by hand. It would wobble or sit cock-eyed, so before starting I used a rubber mallet to tap it into place and ensure it would seat properly. After that I pulled it back out, inserted the tap into the tap guide and using a deep well socket and rubber mallet, seated the tap guide. I've included a picture of the tap guide and you can see the wear from fitting into place. It is a fairly soft aluminum so it doesn't do any damage. Before getting started I also lubed the tap and hole with some aluminum cutting fluid. I'm sure any good lubricant would work, but this stuff isn't that expensive and seemed to work well. So with the bike on its side, everything lubed, and the tap in position I went to work. It's a fairly straight forward job, just remember as you turn the tap forward (clockwise) every 1/4 to 1/2 turn or so, back up the tap (counter clockwise) the same amount to clear the threads. I ran that tap until the tap handle was just about flush with the tap guide and backed it all out when done. There was quite a bit of debris and I used an oil can filled with the cutting fluid to get "above" the shavings inside the drain hole and flush them out. After that I stood the bike up and flushed a gallon of rotella through the engine. First just flushing, then filling and draining. I did this until I saw no more metal flakes in the oil. Then I filled with my regular oil and ran the bike for a few minutes and changed the oil and filter. I only saw one small metal flake the filter, so I'm feeling good about getting it flushed. I do need to order a new oil screen for the drain plug as I was unable to remove the oil screen from the old plug.
  8. John Underwood

    Beta drain plug repair kit

    Agreed - no reason to go crazy torquing it. The spec is 15nm (11ft-lbs) which feels like nothing when using a torque wrench. I'm still waiting for the repair kit to ship - I was hoping to have it before this weekend as a group of us are planning to ride Tin Cup on Sunday. I'm sure it will be fine as is though.
  9. John Underwood

    Beta drain plug repair kit

    Helpful info guys. Adam, It looks like you were ready to do it yourself. If I may ask, why did you decide to have the dealer do it? I'm planning to do the repair myself (this wouldn't be my first time using a tap) but I could see myself having the dealer do it as there isn't much room for error on this. Looking at the tap guide, I imagine it fits nicely into the countersink on the engine casing where the drain plug flange would normally rest. That should help keep the guide aligned - minimizing any "wobble".
  10. John Underwood

    Beta drain plug repair kit

    Curious if anyone has used this kit and if so how well worked? https://www.ktm-parts.com/AB-50007.html A bit of background - last week I bought a lightly used 2017 430RR-S - only 10 hours/100 miles on the clock. Sweet bike and of course I was super stoked to get it out on the trails. I was planning the inaugural ride for this past Sunday, so on Saturday I decided to change the oil as I do after any bike purchase. When I removed the oil drain plug a good amount of the threads from the engine casing came out with the plug. The plug didn't seem too tight but obviously someone over-torqued the plug or the threads are just really weak. Either way, the threads are stripped. Fortunately, there were some remaining threads, enough to get 3-4 turns on the drain plug and I was able to get it to snug up. Logic told me not to ride the bike until I had a proper fix in place, but if logic were a factor, I would't be riding bikes in the first place. So of course I took the bike out on Sunday and passed her around like a cheap rag so we could compare/contrast the Beta with a variety of other bikes (KTM500, KTM450, and KTM400). The Beta ran perfectly and the drain plug held up to the abuse, but I'm not sure I'm willing to trust those 3-4 threads long term so I ordered the drain repair kit linked above. I considered a time-sert or helicoil, but figured I would start with the beta kit. If you have used that kit, I'd like to hear how it worked for you.
  11. John Underwood

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Ended up riding the MCCT in White Cloud. The trails were dry and a little on the dusty side. Overall a good ride but there are some whooped out sections.
  12. John Underwood

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    That's good to hear, I'm thinking of hitting Cedar Creek this Saturday and was hoping the snow would be clear by then. I'm curious if anyone knows how wet the trails are there? Those puddles can get long and deep and I'm not sure I'm ready for a soaking yet. I think it was last year in January or February we went up there and it felt like one continuous puddle on the entire trail.