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  1. spochynok

    09-10 KLX250 owners.

    bought a new 2010 last saturday and the dealer did the recall before delivery. the mod consists of larger/thicker rubber gommets for the fasheners on the sides of the tank and a rubber spacer for the gap between the rubber bushing at the front of tank. you just have to remove the plastic panels to get access.
  2. spochynok

    IRC Trail GP-110R Tire

    take a look at the shinko 244s at bike bandit. heck of a bargain and they work just fine on my dr650. i've tried gp-1s but they wear out way too fast and cost way too much and they're just an average 50/50 tire. i've also tried kenda 270s (good 50/50 and cheap), duro medians (40/60, ok tire), mt-21s (better 70/30 but pricy) and 606s (best off-road 90/10 but even more pricy). so far i like the shinko's for basic 50/50 riding. i won't be searching out the nasty stuff with them but they ride smooth on the road and handle fs roads really well. bol,
  3. spochynok

    DR650 Shock Roundup

    racetech front springs w/10w bel-ray fork oil and rear eibach spring w/10w bel-ray hv1 suspension oil. try the rear shock top bearing from kientech, it takes out the twisting effect of the spring. my dr650 really tracks well in off-road/gravel turns now and handles all types of terrain. bol,
  4. spochynok

    2003 DRZ 250 Issues

    have you raised the needle one notch? sounds like the mid-range needs some help too when you give it thottle. the dealer probably won't do that unless your EPA rules are kinder in AUS. is your bike road legal or a dirt model? if dirt only, after you get the carb cleaned/adjusted properly, it helps to run the carb dry before you store it. not sure why but my '01 doesn't like sitting for any length of time with fuel in the carb even with sta-bil. i turn on the fuel, wait about a minute, choke it and turn the throttle 4 times and it starts on the first try even when it's cold. the routine kind of sucks but i've learned to live with it. saves wear and tear on the battery too. bol,
  5. spochynok

    2008 DR 650 rear suspension

    +1 for the eibach rear spring from jesse. make sure you upgrade your fork springs to match the new rear one. also, get the needle bearing add-on. it takes the twisting affect out of the compression of the spring. the new springs front and rear really make the bike track well through loose stuff on fireroads. i also, changed my shock oil to 10w to improve damping. bol,
  6. spochynok

    Tube recommendations?

    heavy duty tubes are a good thing if you intend to stay mostly off road and keep your street speeds down. otherwise, they generate more heat and can cause knobbies to breakdown. also, if you ever get a nail in a heavy duty tube it will most likely rip/split verses a standard tube which usually just gets a puncture. it's happened both ways to me. i just run standard tubes so hoepfully all i have to do is patch the tube but i always carry a spare for the worst case situation. also, using the right air pressure for the terrain your riding makes a big difference in preventing tube bites. there's a thread about air pressure in tech tips. bol
  7. spochynok

    How to Drain Front Fork Oil ???

    to measure the 5.5" fromt he top edge of the fork tube, either use a small steel ruler or just measure 5.5" on a piece of wood dowel. hold the fork upright and it's like checking your oil. just a little on the tip and you should be good. to remove oil get a large syringe or use a piece of small tubing to siphon it out.
  8. spochynok

    The right skid plate....

    holy moly! that's got humvee written all over it. can't see why that wouldn't protect you from most anything. a few extra pounds might be worth the peace of mind.
  9. spochynok

    Got my Cogent Shock back and tried it out.

    hopefully i don't get launched with the 7.6 spring. i asked for one to match the .47 springs and that's what i got. i'm guessing your entire rear setup is way better so perhaps you didn't need the stiffer rating. i did the heavier oil and the bearing ring. looking forward to testing it out. 10-4 on the gp-1s. i've used those and liked them but they wore too quickly for me and irc likes them too much. $$$ :-( i know i'm cheap, it's a defect of mine. i'd heard good thing about the shinko's so i got a set. time will tell. thx again for the reply. happy trails!
  10. spochynok

    Got my Cogent Shock back and tried it out.

    nice looking unit. i just did the jesse keintech upgrade with the eibach spring and top needle bearing plate. got a local guy to replace the hvi oil, replace the bushing, recharge it and put it back together. i have .47 racetech fork springs and a 7.6 rear spring, both w/ 10w oil. i set the sag at 3 inches but haven't had a chance to test it off road yet. been cold and wet here in the sunny south. :-( what is the rating on your fork springs to go with the 7.2 rear? are those shinko 244 tires. i just put on a set. how do you like them. one thing i noticed when i test rode the bike around the neigborhood was that the steering felt heavier with the new tires and suspension setup. how does yours handle/feel at slower speeds? thx for any info. ps, imho re-installing the airbox hose and intake boot were a pita. :-(
  11. spochynok

    cold weather starting problems 250 DRZ

    raise the carb needle one notch and back the idle screw out at least 1/2 turn. also, like advised previously, run the carb dry after each ride. i turn on the fuel, pull out the choke and wait a minute or so and then give the throttle 4 turns and bang she starts every time. the needle raising helps with throttle control too. bol!
  12. spochynok

    Broke Chain Guard. Should I replace immediately?

    +1 for the Kientech.
  13. spochynok

    DR650 in new James Bond movie?

    just watched the movie last night. my quess was dr200s. looked too small for dr650s. not going to watch it again to verify. it was maybe a 7 as bond movies go.
  14. spochynok

    dr 650 vs drz 400

    +1 on survivability!
  15. spochynok

    need skidplate for DRZ-250

    +1 for the Utah Sports skid plate. it's made of ready rough aluminum. we have some big rocks in the south too. been on my 2001 since it was new and the plate and the bike are doing just fine.