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  1. Harbor Freight Carrier / DR350SE / Toyota Sequoia
  2. No good options on eBay right now. There were 3 or 4 a couple weeks ago. Search: dr250* shock then filter on condition used and sort by price. Setup an alert for this and look at the sold items to get an idea on prices.
  3. Ebay $100
  4. Bike runs perfect. Pumper carb made it much more enjoyable to ride. Should I check for carbon buildup in the header? I don’t put many miles on it so I’ll prob just leave it. roleyrev - I’ve been following your drz fuel injection. Great work! Hopefully Suzuki sees it.
  5. It runs great but is this a sign of carb settings too rich?
  6. What’s causing this black exhaust soot on rear fender? DR350 w/ pumper carb setup by keintech, dg exhaust, 3x3 airbox.
  7. I was surprised that it rides smoother on the street with the straight rate dirt spring. All comp / rebound and spring settings are in the middle. The real test in the dirt will be in a few weeks.
  8. I installed a dr250 dirt shock and spring in my Dr350se Perfect fit and easier to find in good condition. It has the rebound adjuster screw on bottom of shock. Suspension travel increased approx 3/4” and spring is about 1” longer. Blue spring is 2.2kg/mm stiffer. Seat height rose approx 1/2” with the spring adjuster near the middle.
  9. Can anyone help answer these questions? It’s my first post!
  10. Just installed the Jimmy Button bend Renthals. Small rise and slightly wider. No issues with stock wires. No prob with kientech pumper carb throttle cable.
  11. 1. I found a dr350 shock for sale and would like to confirm it’s the dirt model with the rebound adjuster. That adjuster should be on right bottom of the shock. I have found that some of them have “H” and “S” engraved and some don’t. If it has the screw is it the dirt shock? Early 90’s no engrave. Is it a dirt model? Compared to Late 90’s dirt model. 2. I have a 1995 dr350se. The rear shock has 10” of travel. If I install a dirt shock with 11” of travel will the seat height be 1” higher?