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  1. KeithDRZ400

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

  2. KeithDRZ400

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Well I dropped the air pressure to about 12psi and “tested” the tire a little on my way home from work. It made a pretty noticeable difference and I would call the front end tolerable now instead of terrible. I got em in some mud and some loose shale, the mud was actually a little easier than the shale. The rear tire actually seems to grip half decent most of the time.
  3. KeithDRZ400

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    That’s pretty good in my opinion, I only got 1400 out of the stock “Deathwings”. I will gladly sacrifice some longevity for added offroad performance.
  4. KeithDRZ400

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I wish I would have red a little more before I bought the D606 front! I will give it some time and play with the air pressure a little, hopefully I find some traction with it. I’m considering picking up a set of trackmasters for mine if I don’t like these, their so cheap I don’t think I can care too much about wear. My actual riding is probably less than 50/50 but when I’m offroad I want the traction! What kind of mileage are you seeing with the trackmasters?
  5. KeithDRZ400

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I finally upgraded from the stock tires and installed a new set of Dunlop D606’s, I’m not very impressed with the front...
  6. KeithDRZ400

    Security chain recommendations?

    When I was a kid someone stole my CR250. I lived at the top of a long fairly steep hill and I hope they tried to ride the bike down. The bike was a project, the engine had no piston installed, the brake disc’s were both off to be installed on different wheels and it had no chain. The bike was just literally stuck together to move it out of the way and not loose parts. Whoever took it was in for a hell of a ride! I also had a CRF450 stolen out of the back of my truck, that bike was only a few months old...
  7. KeithDRZ400

    Drz tires

    Craigslist or the online flea market deal on Facebook. You should be able to pick up some semi used tires on the cheap there. Look for someone who races. Otherwise the Kenda track master seems like a good tire and are cheap. That’s probably going to be my next tire purchase since I’m less than impressed with the D606’s I just mounted today.
  8. KeithDRZ400

    Suspension setup

    Are you figuring that for trail riding, enduro, motocross, etc.? I don’t want to do it twice lol.
  9. KeithDRZ400

    Suspension setup

    Currently around 255
  10. KeithDRZ400

    Suspension setup

    I will agree that the rear is definitely worse but I bottom the front out pretty frequently. 1 good rock hit or small jump and it’s at the bottom.
  11. KeithDRZ400

    Suspension setup

    Good, that’s the combo I’m looking at. Now I just have to figure what spring rate to get...
  12. KeithDRZ400

    Suspension setup

    Its a 2017 s model. Only 1400 miles on it and about 2 months old. I’m 6’ 260lbs (my fat butt needs a diet). I ride a mix of rock, dirt and mud as well as pavement. I’m a fairly aggressive rider for the most part. I do a bit of single track as well. Basically every terrain there is except sand lol. I would like it setup more like an rmz basically.
  13. KeithDRZ400

    Suspension setup

    I’m sure this has been covered 1000+ times but I’m planning on getting my suspension setup for my weight and riding style. I am currently looking at race tech springs, valves, etc. and am wondering what you guys are using. I read good reviews about their stuff but want to hear some of your opinions. I’m not all that knowledgeable when it comes to suspension and on previous bikes (RM250 and CRF450) I have just had a local suspension shop handle everything, but that’s expensive and I want to give it a try myself to learn something. This bike seems like it’s sprung for a 9 year old and will bottom out easily if I ride at even a moderate pace through the trails. I have the preload set as good as it can get and I’m already out of compression adjustment on the rear so it’s time to modify. Are the online calculators on Racetech’s website fairly reliable? I admit I’ve put on quite a few pounds over the years but this thing is sprung way too light! What are you guys using?
  14. KeithDRZ400

    Movie - On Any Sunday

    I can remember my dad showing me the same movie when I was a kid. I actually made my wife watch it a couple weeks ago lol. FYI you can get the original on part 2 on YouTube. Some of the old Crusty and Moto XXX videos are on there as well.
  15. KeithDRZ400

    What air filter are you running for drz 400s with mods?

    I’m running a stock filter. When it’s spent I’ll get a UNI. K&N or any of the high flow filters let too much dirt in for me. This thing gets used offroad, in dust and mud, I don’t want to worry if my filter is doing its job. Most likely giving up less than 1hp and not running dirt through my engine is ok with me.