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  1. I’m running a stock filter. When it’s spent I’ll get a UNI. K&N or any of the high flow filters let too much dirt in for me. This thing gets used offroad, in dust and mud, I don’t want to worry if my filter is doing its job. Most likely giving up less than 1hp and not running dirt through my engine is ok with me.
  2. Is this still on the boat challenge? Riding this weekend and want to give it a try
  3. Float level problem?
  4. Anyone have any luck with the cheap China rebuild kits from eBay? I bought a cylinder, piston, rings, head, carburetor & gasket kit for $55! When I got the parts I checked everything and found the cylinder and head to be pretty good but the piston was out of round and tapered 0.005” at the skirt. This would have left the bike with a 0.0005” piston to cylinder clearance, not good! I work at a Machine shop so I put the piston in a lathe, indicated it in and turned it true, so no harm. The bike is up and running and I have ran it through a few heat cycles so it should be ok. Just wondering if anyone has used these cheap China junk kits?
  5. Unfortunately I didn’t try it and the bike is back together and running. When I thought about building this thing for more power I started to think of how inexperienced these kids are and that may not be the right way to go. Once they learn a bit more it’s game on though!
  6. My buddy bought his DRZ 1 week after I bought mine. I did the 3x3/jet mods as well as full FMF exhaust right after. When I did the mods I didn’t think it made much of a difference until we switched bikes and I got a side by side comparison. The mods made a world of difference in power and responsiveness.
  7. If you set up your bike properly (better tires, suspension adjusted/resprung, better gearing, etc.) it will do pretty well offroad. Don’t blame the bike because you lack experience and skills offroad, learn to ride it first. A couple weeks ago I rode to an atv Park with a bunch of friends on quads and dirtbikes, it surprised the hell out of everyone when I went everywhere the quads went and kept pace with the KTM’s in the single track. After we were done riding they loaded up their trailers and trucks and I rode mine home (covered in mud head to tow lol). Spend the time to practice different riding skills on different terrain. If you constantly practice on the roughest terrain you can find trail riding and hill climbing will be easy. Your bike will never be as fast as his RMZ though...
  8. I have seat concepts on mine and it is way better than the stock seat! I can’t imagine anything more comfortable that isn’t too wide for the bike, the seat concepts seat is great.
  9. Most of you will think I’m stupid or just crazy for this but... I’m in the process of rebuilding the top end of my nephews pw80 and am considering not using a base gasket to increase compression and slightly advance the port timing. Has anyone tried this with the pw? I have done this with a chainsaw and combined with some porting it got some good results so I figured it may be worth a try with the PW. I would be using a small amount of RTV to seal the cylinder to the case but no base gasket to allow the cylinder to sit a little lower. What are your thoughts and experiences with this?
  10. Hi guys I’m new here but I figured I would chime in. My bike is only 1 week old(s model) but I already put on an FMF powercore 4 with powerbomb header, dynojet kit, 3x3 mod & RMZ front fender. Seat concepts seat, flush mount turn signals and a fender eliminator kit should be in the mail. Next on the list is to get some tires that actually perform in the dirt.