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    Aluminum gears on a Thumper.

    No, not for racing or attempting to make it fast. The motor seized up twice on me from oil flow to the head being blocked. The blockage is gone and the engine still runs but has lost a bit of power and as you can emagine, this thing struggles enough on the highway. Especially with all the accessories I need to have on it. I didn't want to put it in the shop yet cuz they are crazy busy and would take a month to do. I dont want to do it myself brcause of health problems making jobs like that Much harder than they should be for me. Was only thinking of taking weight off the drivetrain but my imagination tells me that aluminum wont last long on a single cylinder. Im just going to ride the bike the way it is and hope it lasts until the fall or at least my hip surgery. I'll have it fixed properly then. Thank you to everybody for their input and taking the time out to help a stranger.
  2. Jason Lapp

    Aluminum gears on a Thumper.

    Does anybody know how well aluminum gears and a lightweight chain will hold up on a small displacement thumper? DR200se
  3. Jason Lapp

    DR motor swap

    What was the torque rating of an earlier motor without electric start? Also, does anybody know where I can find a good used motor?
  4. Jason Lapp

    DR motor swap

    What other year models of DR200 motors will bolt in to my current 2002 DR200SE frame? My current engine wants to seize up after 10 minutes of riding And the transmission was damaged internally last year when a gear slipped off. It has 17000 miles so I'm not sure I want to trust the bottom end either. I'd like to just replace the entire thing.