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  1. mike_honcho

    Rattle noise ?

    The yamaha tick
  2. mike_honcho

    Question about G2 Throttle Tamer???

    Good Deal, Thanks
  3. Im thinking about ordering a G2 throttle tamer, and my question is do I have to install new grips. I currently have Torc 1 lock on grips installed on my bike. Will I have to install the traditional grips with the G2 throttle tamer??
  4. mike_honcho

    250X GYTR 8.4 Oz Flywheel Need Help

    I don't have a impact driver, but I do have a torq wrench and basic socket wrenches. Does the impact driver make it significantly easier (must have).
  5. mike_honcho

    250X GYTR 8.4 Oz Flywheel Need Help

  6. Im about to order a offroad GYTR 8.4 oz flywheel from RMATV. What tools are needed ?? The tusk flywheel puller and the holder?? The piston stop as well? Is it easy to install?? For the guys that have it, does it make a big difference??
  7. mike_honcho

    What are you paying OTD for a YZ250x?

    $6500 OTD for a leftover 2016, bought it last spring
  8. Exactly Doc, I even considered getting the FX before considering the KTM. But I don't really want a 4 stroke.
  9. I have a 250x and it's a great bike. But i want a ktm xc-w because of all of the features that the Yamaha doesn't have. Electric start, counter balance motor, hydro clutch. Kicking the bike in awkward positions is a pain, and the vibration from the 250x gets to my hands sometimes. Im 38 and I just want a slightly easier bike to ride. With all that said im still not selling the 250x..
  10. mike_honcho

    Questions & Opinions about KTM 250 xc-w TPI vs 300 xc-w TPI

    Thanks for all the input guys. I haven't really heard of any real significant issues with the TPI bikes. There currently is a 250 at the dealership; it also seems people snatch all of the 300's pretty quick. Would a dealer be likely give a discount on a leftover 2019 before a 2020 comes out?
  11. Im am interested in getting a new 250 xc-w TPI or 300 xc-w TPI sometime this year and I have some questions.. First off, I currently have a YZ250X and it's a really fun and durable bike. However, I rode someones 2017 300 xc-w for a few minutes a few months ago and my goodness.. It was so smooth and light compared to the 250X. I was also blown away because it had almost no vibration compared to the 250X. Plus I really want electric start because its a pain in the ass trying to kick the bike after stalling in an awkward position. Also electric start really comes in handy when your riding with people who have electric start. You just push the button and go... My questions: How does the 250xc-w compare with the 300xc-w as far as being easier to ride? Im 38, and most of the terrain I ride varies from hills, woods, to tight and somewhat technical. How heavy is the 250 compared to the 300? Do you feel the difference in weight when riding? Which one will wear you out faster? I'm just a 38 year old weekend rider and I just wanna have fun without the bike wearing me out.
  12. Traded my alpine tech 3's for sidi crossfire 2's about 2 months ago. They were kind of pricey but well worth it. Crashed a couple of times already and didn't feel it. Heal up soon man!!
  13. mike_honcho

    New boot problems

    This. Also tusk and hammerhead make the extended shift levers which are much better than the stock levers.
  14. mike_honcho

    yz250x opinions?

    Have you considered the yz250fx......(the 250x's brother???) Why the crf250rx? However, 2 strokes have that giggle factor.