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  1. Zac.W

    starting a 250r

    Thanks Mavric_Bass that was really helpful Because after about five or six kicks I would try to turn the throttle to try to get it to start, so I will try to start it the way you said and see if it works.đź‘Ť
  2. Zac.W

    oil in the wrong side oops

    Ok thanks for the advice I will do that and just to make sure everything is good should I bring it in to get the motor checked out or should I just leave it and save a bunch of money?
  3. Zac.W

    oil in the wrong side oops

    hi quick question I accidentally put the transmission oil in the motor oil side and the motor oil in the transmission side after that I ran it for about one and a half hours over the span of two days will anything bad happen or are they close enough that I wont have to worry if I just change the oil properly? BTW i am using Honda 10-40w and Honda 80-85w
  4. Zac.W

    starting a 250r

    So far I have got about 2 maby three hours on so far and once it starts it runs great but I will defiantly get it checked out soon. Would you guys get the top end redone on it or should I whight until there is a real problem?
  5. Zac.W

    starting a 250r

    yes the guy gave me a manual with the bike how much would it cost to get the valves checked i'm only asking because I am only fifteen with a part time job.
  6. Zac.W

    starting a 250r

    the guy that sold it to me had them checked two years ago and said that there were good.
  7. Zac.W

    starting a 250r

    the only real issue is that it takes about 13 kicks to start after that it is fine, this is my first bigger bike the last bike that I had was a kx85 and yes I do know what the (TDc) feels like. Is it normal to have to kick it this many times?
  8. Zac.W

    starting a 250r

    Hi I have a crf250r 2010 I have had it for about 2 months and I haven't completely figured out how to start it fast yet tho and I was just wondering if there were any techniques that anyone could share with me thanks.
  9. Zac.W

    jeans vs mx pants?

    riding pants make you look more professional and in my opinion they are better than jeans
  10. Zac.W

    Honda CRF250R 2010

    Great bike
  11. Zac.W

    Honda CRF250R (2010)


    Great bike
  12. Zac.W

    what are they worth?

    Thanks for all the information it helped a lot when I went to buy this bike. there she is crf250r 2010 I think I got a pritty good deal I got it for 3500$ and it runs mint. But when I get it home I’m going to do a good inspection and change all of the oil and stuff. When I get it home what do you guys think I should look at and or change?
  13. Zac.W

    what are they worth?

    OK thanks for the information I will keep this in mind when I am looking for my bike.
  14. Zac.W

    what are they worth?

    Hi I was wondering what a crf250r 2008/9 is worth I was looking on Kijiji for one and saw some for $2700 and some others $4000 I was just wondering how much you guys thought they were worth any advice on how much I should spend any advice will be appreciated thanks.