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  1. I put a procurcuit t4 on mine with the spark arrestor. couldn't be happier it's pretty quiet idleing and cruising but opens up when you get on it. I like a healthy sounding pipe but a lot of people prefer quiet. I got the pipe for free so I just put it on anything was better than the stock pipe but honestly I wouldn't wasnt another pipe it worked out perfect. I even rebrished the aluminum and got a new sticker kit for it. looks brand new I said pipe a lot haha also I mean muffler
  2. would definitely recommend a new pipe and modified or new carb. I couldn't stand how quiet and slow it was stock. my 350 felt quicker honestly. but with the carby mods and a procurcuit t4 it's a beast. pulled the pipe of a Kawasaki as well as the front and rear suspension. I call my bike the kawasuki lol. I'm used to light track bikes so I removed absolutely everything to make it as light as possible. it's a fun challenge for me.
  3. they sell fans for the oil cooler too since you live in the desert. I had a Dr 350 and I would never go back after getting the 650. so much more comfortable all arpund
  4. I wouldn't get anything less than a 450. whatever you get
  5. do you have a Dr or are you just a bush pig
  6. the &%$#@!ing adjectives you guys use hahaha cheeky trail beers and scurry mountain cats. priceless haha where do you live dude and what do you ride ?
  7. it's an adjective dude haha that makes trail beer sound so much better
  8. hahahah nice
  9. it's totally fine duudee. you just don't understand the hysperian lifestyle
  10. I do the same plus the buzz goes away in like 10.minutes of riding hard after you get your blood pumping anyways. I live in the city but frequent hysperia California which is a desert town. people often bar hop. I merged groups with some dudes that were bar hopping. I was neck and neck with their slowest dude and the other four were just gone and hysperia/Honda valley is all hills and rocks and sand. couldn't believe these guys, they weren't wearing gear besides boots and helmets and the must have been atleast 40. they were all on ktms so maybe they're bikes were just faster haha
  11. for seriousness though who's shroomed and rode
  12. I forgot to mention it but this dude I ride sometimes lives out in Honda valley and rides with a camel pack of that premade marguirtira on occasion lol. he took me and my friends on a pretty gnarly ride then we all stopped at the aquaduct and drank margaritas . one of the best ride I've ever been on because everyone fell. my one friend hit a rock going up a hill and got knocked of course so bad he shot strait across into my other friend which made him fall over. my dad didn't fall either but when he jumped off the bridge into the aquaduct he panicked and side flopped and bruised his hole side up. if your sending huge jumps or racing people is highly recommend not drinking though. one wrong move on a rocky trail and your flying into a tree
  13. ill throw a four loko in my camel pack so what
  14. I smoke weed and ride. and I'll drink a beer or two but not a lot. I think it's good cross training. especially when I'm better than everyone I ride with lol puts me on they're level and I get to have more fun