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  1. I’m curious to why you preferred the Lecton over the Smart Carb.? From my understanding, the guy who invented the Lectron sold it and started Smart Carb. This is the first post that I’ve read that someone preferred the Lectron over the Smart Carb. They are both metering rod carbs. Did you give as much time tuning the Smart Carb as you did the Lectron?
  2. One less gas can I would need to carry.
  3. Thank you for your response. This makes sense.
  4. I found the problem. Air in the fuel line. Runs like a champ now.
  5. How would you clog an oil pump with pre-mix? The viscosity is higher on oil than pre-mix that’s why I’m asking. Are you saying the carb jets got clogged? You might be correct on that one. I’ll have to check. Thanks. This is the pre-mix that I use at 40:1.
  6. I have a 2015 Yamaha PW50 that I want to switch the fuel to pre-mix. I let the kids ride the bike until the oil tank for the auto oiler was about half full. Then let the kids run the bike out of gas. I have 5 gallons of pre-mix and I figured instead of removing the auto oil system, I would feel the oil tank and gas tank with pre-mix. I would think it would run a little oil rich until the oil tank ran out. The bike ran for about 5 minutes and spuddered out. Now it will start but as soon as you give it throttle it shuts off. What happened? Is there a sensor somewhere that is not letting the bike run? I don’t get it.