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  1. TheWolfman

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    So your low beam was working, but then stopped?? I know Cyclops has two versions of the bulb, but not sure which one BetaUSA sells. I bought the Ultra which supposedly fires all four diodes in high beam mode but at reduced power. I haven't installed yet but hopefully this works alright and still has a good flood beam for low speed riding.
  2. TheWolfman

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    The 300 can be made pretty docile with the G2 throttle tamer, rain map, and/or stiffer powervalve spring...so I wouldn't worry too much. All those are easily undone as you get more used to the extra power.
  3. TheWolfman

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    You can also order directly from Cyclops: https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Cyclops-100-H4-LED-headlight-bulb_p_192.html
  4. TheWolfman

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    Most of my riding is in Michigan and I like my 300 for getting up on top of the sand quickly and it's forgiving of being in the wrong gear (happens often for me), but not so forgiving of poor throttle control. I really think you would be happy with any of them over your 230f, and I am sure all will handle Michigan sandy double tracks better. I would probably go with the 200 if it felt most comfortable, but wouldn't hesitate to snatch up a good deal on a 250 or 300.
  5. The closest place is going to be camping at Weber Lake Campground which is very close to the trailhead between the B & C loops. This place looks close to the C-loop: https://www.silentsportlodge.com/en-us/accommodations/ssl-river-cabin (but I've never stayed there). I don't believe Wolverine has any hotels, but there are several hotels in Indian River. However, Indian River is closer to the A-loop (quad width) and MCCCT and about ~12-15 miles to the Trailhead between B & C loops. Occasionally, I ride from Indian River to B-Loop but I carry extra fuel when I do.
  6. TheWolfman

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    As far as KTM guys go, I think Tokyo Offroad has way better content...too bad this Kyle guy has 10x the subscribers.
  7. TheWolfman

    Beta xtrainer 300 vs gasgas 200cc

    I don't want to derail the thread even more, but would the X-trainer be a good 2nd bike to go along with my '18 300rr re? I would like to have a 'buddy bike' that an experienced rider could enjoy for a ride, but also that a novice could feel comfortable on with some practice. My idea is that I could leave it at our cabin during the summer and could ride it if I don't feel like hauling my 300rr back and forth (7hr drive). Riding is mostly single track and sandy fire roads in northern Michigan. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks, overall I am very happy with the a Beta. 300rr seat height is around 36.5" and Xtrainer model is almost another inch lower.
  9. Need to take more pictures, but here is a pic the day I picked it up:
  10. A few rerouted trails but probably nothing that is going to change your mind if you weren't impressed the first time. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  11. Tomahawk has three different loops. The A loop is quad width..maybe that's what you remembered? There is a parking lot near the instersection of Peru and Springvale Rds...which is between B and C loops (motorcycle only loops) and this is a good place to park.
  12. TheWolfman

    2019 Sachs poor quality already

    What percentage are failing? What other factors come in to play... alignment, maintenance, use, rider weight.? From what I understand, hardcoating is slowing the wear to the point it is no longer a problem but does that mean the anodizing is the underlying problem or just masking another problem like incorrect clearance? Hmm... starting to sound like not an easy problem to solve.. 300rr + hardcoating is still cheaper than KTM...which is far from perfect either. The forks get removed for servicing so often it seems like no big deal to just have them hardcoated if needed/desired?
  13. TheWolfman

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    Did you buy from Iron Pony...I saw they had one in stock which is gone now... I'm sure you already did but might want to double-check your jetting with the cold temps.
  14. TheWolfman

    P-tech pipe guard - which linkage guard bolts up?

    I have the newer p-tech skid plate but ordered it without the plastic, and it looks like mine has all holes for rivets to easily add plastic later. I might buy a sheet of 1/4" HDPE and make my own glide plate and linkage guard.
  15. TheWolfman

    Goldentyre Fatty

    Nice! I am about to pull the trigger on a fatty front and GT232 rear...just trying to decide between 110 or 120. I ride mostly soft sandy terrain and that looks like it would be a great tire for me.