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  1. DirtData

    DR250RV Fork Oil/Manual?

    How did I not find this when I was searching?! Thanks! I'll pick one up.
  2. DirtData

    DR250RV Fork Oil/Manual?

    I swear if I have to learn Japanese for this bike... And yeah, it's a 97. I believe it's a grey import for the UK, so it's understandable why there aren't manuals laying around here. I can't find much about it anywhere!
  3. DirtData

    DR250RV Fork Oil/Manual?

    Hey I have a DR250RV (SJ45A) that I've realised hasn't been worked on for some time. I've replaced the oil filter, oil, air filter, gone over the carb and given it a clean. I'm looking to replace the oil in the forks, but the only service manual I've found is in Japanese. Does anyone happen to know how much the forks need filling? It's either that or I start learning Japanese! Thanks