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  1. My ‘16 480 gets 58 miles per tank on tight single track with hills and mud and rallying between trails on power lines/etc.. it gets better on mellow road rides/dual sport stuff.
  2. I emailed the guy from TwoRide. He was indeed prompt with his reply - he said he has no idea if they work on the 4t clutch..
  3. Does anybody know if these springs work on pre ’18 Beta 4 strokes? @firffighter did they work for your 390? I’m looking to get a lighter pull on my ‘16 480..
  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m 6’-3” and 205 without gear on. Yeah, it’s a big chunk of change to spend $300 on the tank and $300 on the seat. I’m not looking to turn my bike into a sofa on wheels.. I guess with my size, the extra width probably won’t be as noticeable as it is for you, but at the same time, the bike is just so good in stock trim that I’m really hesitant to change much of anything, especially expensive things that make it heavier. I might look to test ride someone’s Beta with the IMS tank before I pull the trigger on a new one for myself.. Good input - I appreciate it! Cheers Cody
  5. Thanks for posting the pic. That whole setup with the tank and seat does look quite a bit wider than stock. Do you notice much of a difference while riding? Anything negative to report? Our rides have been pretty long recently and I’ve been finding myself out in the woods, 15 miles from my truck at dusk with 40+ miles on my odometer/trip meter and being stressed about running out of fuel. One day I ran out of fuel 600’ from my truck with 58 miles on the trip meter. That put the IMS tank at the top of my want list, and of course the stock seat isn’t very comfortable for sitting, so a new seat was always on my radar. We get into some pretty rough terrain so keeping my bike as light and nimble as possible is important to me, also I ride with guys on 250 4t’s that are faster than me and are always down to take the most difficult trail we can find, also we just blaze new lines through the woods and it’s a lot of work on the big 480. are you pumped on the tank/seat combo? Do you ever wish that you had the slimmer OEM shaped seat on in combo with the IMS tank? Cheers! Cody
  6. Does anyone have an opinion on the Seat Concepts seat for the IMS tank? I’ve got a ‘16 480 Race Edition, and really like the look and ergos of the stock bike, but I’ve got the 3 gal IMS tank on my list of things to get as well as a seat concepts seat. Normally, I would be looking at the seat concepts seat with the OEM shape and a race cover because I like the slim look of the stock seat and I’m usually riding kind of fast and moving around quite a bit on the bike. But fit and finish is super important to me and I don’t like the way the stock seat doesn’t fit well with the IMS tank. I notice most pictures I see of bikes with the IMS tank have the stock seat pan, wondering if there is a reason for not getting the seat concepts for IMS with the comfort (wider in the rear) shape? Is the wider comfort seat feel much different from the OEM shape while racing off road? Anybody have a pic of the seat concepts seat for IMS tank installed (with IMS tank) on their bike? Particularly if you have that seat with the blue and red cover, as that’s the one that matches the race edition colors of my bike.. Cheers! Cody
  7. cody-o

    Smoke talk

    I think they’re flying in bigger tankers of retardant. And I imagine the pilots are getting better at flying them..
  8. Hey, I went on a fun ride to the dungeness river at happy valley this past weekend with some friends. 4 bikes, a side by side and a quad. We camped out by the river for the night and rode out in the morning. A buddy caught a nice trout and we ate that, also had plenty of food and beer in a cooler in the SxS. Me and a buddy hit pavement from port townsend to 4 corners, then power lines and trails to lake Leland/snow creek road where my friend lives, then on to 7cedars via snow creek rd for fuel/etc and then jimmy come lately/Paolo alto/louella/ trails/etc. this ride was pretty dual sporty, but fun to be street legal for the dirt roads and still have an excellent bike for the river trail. On the way home on Sunday, I took a detour but my buddies were going over Blyn hill to meet up for coffee in disco bay and said they saw a few guys on Betas up there. Wonder if one of them was you?.. we spent the rest of the day Sunday on the trails between disco bay and lake Leland.. where do you live?






  9. Hi guys, just a quick update that I found myself a bike. A 2017 Xtrainer came up on Craigslist with 40 hours on it. It had a street kit installed when new. I got excited enough about it to pull all the cash I could find together and take the day off work to drive a few hours away to check it out. I rode it around his neighborhood for 20 min or so and it was a ton of fun! I knew it would suck on asphalt, but would be so good in the woods that I didn’t care. But the bad part was that it was typical craigslist deal where when I arrive he says he can’t find title and the bike looked pretty beat up, wasn’t even washed, needed it’s first 30 hour oil change, and he wouldn’t take less than $6300 for it. ..so I went to the dealership.. I ended up buying a 2016 480rr-race edition with 16 hours on it. It was the Beta team practice bike with upgraded suspension (Fox shock and macaroni (Marconi?) forks). It has full factory warranty and was fully refurbished by beta USA and I’m having them add street kit and cooling fan. It was $7300 plus the street kit and fan and tax. Frank’s Motorbikes in Bellevue doesn’t do test rides! At least that’s what Frank told me on the phone. After tax and the extras I shelled out $8500 for the thing and never even heard it run!!! Amazing. I’ll be heading back there to pick it up in a few days once they have it ready. Hopefully it turns out to be a big smile maker and not too much of a handful in the gnarly stuff. If I would have had the choice of a 390 for similar price I probably would have picked it, but this one should be good and I do really want to ride it from my house in town 10 - 30 miles out to the trails and the 480 will probably be funnest on open terrain. I can’t wait to pick it up and feel the clutch and twist the throttle! Should I buy radiator guards? Cheers guys!..and Shrubitup - maybe I’ll see you out there someday!! Cody
  10. I never dual sported. We rip power lines and trails and Pope land out there and back. Riding a mile or two stretch of asphalt to connect here and there like gangsters. I’m wanting a street legal dirt bike now to keep bits of pavement riding on the up and up with the law. Also looking forward to dirt road cruzes and sight seeing. I haven’t been to the river there in years, but have good buddies that are still always taking their side x sides out there.
  11. Thanks Shrubitup, that’s awesome! I’m going to be daydreaming about a shiny new bike for awhile before I get up the courage to shell out the dough. In the meantime I will be keeping an eye out for something used that might get me out riding sooner. If I get a bit more serious I may hit you up, but at this point I’m really interested in a factory street legal 4t. I’m sure those new 300 smokers are fun to ride, it would be great to feel how they compare to the late 90’s/early2000’s YZ250 that I used to ride on occasion.. Where do you ride?.. My buddies and I used to always ride from 4 corners, near port townsend, out to the 7 cedars casino in Blynn and sometimes on past the casino to the Dunginess river and happy valley. We could do that ride starting from our driveway. Back in November a buddy and I took his old 3 wheelers on a ride from 4 corners out to lake Leland (US 101 between Quilcene and Discovery bay) and it was a lot of fun! It really lit a fire under me to get a bike and start riding again. Cheers! Cody
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