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  1. RS16017

    1992 DR250 Won't Start

    Still not starting. Very weak spark. Decided to pull off cover to look at flywheel and mag. Loosened up the screws and about a teacup full of oil ran out. Do these mags run in oil?
  2. RS16017

    DR250 6v or 12v?

    Well the non-resistor plug did the trick. Got it started. Would only run on full choke so I blocked off the vacuum line going to the petcock. Thinking about changing that out anyway. The diaphragm doesn't work. Fuel flows regardless. Anyway, the more I ran it the more it settled down and was finally able to get it off choke but only at high(3000rpm) idle. Rode it around the place a little before dark. Will continue to mess with it. Will probably take the carb off again and remove the factory plug so I can adjust the fuel needle and see if I can tune it.
  3. RS16017

    DR250 6v or 12v?

    Finally got some life out of my 250. Started and died. Still looking at ignition. Had to order a plug for it. Wanted to go with a non-resistor type and none of the parts houses carry them in stock. Will get it today and see if that helps with cold start.
  4. RS16017

    92 DR350---won't start

    Same situation. Bought a '92 DR250s that has sat about a year. Took car apart checked out good, no dirt in the bowl or anything. Noticed the spark at the plug looked weak even though it is firing. Can't get it to fire or pop or anything. Has really good compression. Can't hardly kick it over. Bike only has 3500 miles on it. I wonder if the low mileage is the result of habitual starting problems.
  5. RS16017

    DR250 6v or 12v?

    Got similar issues with a '92 DR250s I picked up Friday. Seller said carb probably needed cleaning but I suspect low voltage problem. Very weak spark. Are these bikes prone to ignition issues. I was going to look at the coil next.