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    So my pipe glows in the dark...

    Proper greeting of the day to all! I have a 2001 DR650SE that I purchased over a year ago that had a few modifications done to it. Previous owners installed a Two Brothers exhaust, which sounds awesome. And they also took a saws all to the top of the air box to the point of it almost being non existent. So I think the combination of the before mentioned modifications have created a potentially dangerous and/or damaging mix for the engine. Of the internet crawling I have done, it sounds like it may be a jetting issue. But I don't currently have enough technical proficiency to sift it all on multiple sites. I'll leave a quick description, and any further assistance in preventing my engine from turning into an exploding claymore mine on a trail somewhere, would be greatly appreciated. 1. the exhaust sounds like gunshots when downshifting 2. recently discovered the header is hot enough to glow orange in darkness after running for 5 min or so. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Semper Fidelis