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  1. Alright, so first off, I know this question has been asked a million times plus some, but I didn't find my specific question through search, even though I know I could probably find my answer if I took the time and looked through all the posts comments. Call me lazy... Anyways, I currently have a stock trim DR650 I was / am planning to convert to supermoto, but I really dislike the power to weight ratio. I really would like to get as close to the 260lb 50hp bike as I can without changing filters every ride and oil every week. I will add this is almost guaranteed to be a daily and I WILL put miles on her like nothing. I put 10k on my DR in 6 months during fall / winter, and much more during spring / summer. I also ride highway for a pretty decent portion of my trips. I know there are options like the DRZ but again, I would really like something lighter. To be honest I'm not too sure if what I'm after even exists, but I would love something similar to a WR450. I've been on the line of buying and converting many times but some say the maintenance is wayyy lower than the manual (manual is dirt / racing, street is a lot cleaner) and others say you have to stick to it if you want your engine to last more than a few thousand miles. I love the maintenance of the WR250x but I don't think I could step that far down power wise, from 47hp 650 to 20(?)hp 250. In the end I'm fine with doing more maintenance than I am now, but again I really don't want to be changing filters and oils every week. Also I run diesel oil in my DR which costs $18 per gallon. Definitely nice, but I don't expect any bike I would be looking to upgrade to be capable of running something like that. Anyways thanks in advance and sorry again for rehashing an old topic for the millionth time, Mark EDIT: I'd like to add I really just want to get weight down. I could deal with 40hp or less if the bike was much lighter than my DR. I think in the end I really am looking for something I could take through some fun 5 foot jumps, climb some stairs, etc (just hoon shit) and still be able to go to work reliably. The DR is a bit too heavy and the suspension really is lacking for any jumping, again a little heavy for doing stair climbs and maneuvering in tight spaces (like picking the front wheel up to get around a tight corner), I really am afraid of dropping her because even just falling on grass at 5 mph has bent my brake lever back, scratched my case, another time I had to get a new shift lever, and on the road I've really done some damage. There was one time I sheared off my oil filter cover and bent both rims after bottoming out the suspension on a jump and sliding across rocks. Also it seems like every time I drop her, even from a stand still my handlebars get totally bent and trashed. I think all this has to do with weight, almost anything seems to break either a foot lever or my handlebars. Again, I'd like to hoon around more easily but still be able to get on the highway and go to work.
  2. I am shifting without the clutch. Generally on my bike it's not clunky at all. The only times I get a jerk is when I'm near redline and try to stick it up there. Otherwise it's usually smoother than any quick shift I could do with the clutch. Also I changed the oil and I felt like the bike gained a few horsepower and shifted much better. Still got the false neutral or whatever, but everything else is good. My best guess is that I'm getting back on the throttle to soon and or hard and the dog teeth don't get time to fully engage which makes them slip out after a second of full throttle. No flakes or chunks of metal in the oil, so that's good. Oh and another problem to add to the growing list: a piece of my crankcase came off with the oil plug, and I now have an oil leak. it's part of the ring of flush metal surrounding the oil plug that the crush washer fits against. I'm guessing it's the time I jumped it like an mx bike and bottomed out and wrecked. That took off my oil filter cover and I guess hit that bolt, because the bolt is scratched and banged up and I can see where a rock might have struck the engine case. Anyways jb welded it back up there, putting it all back together tomorrow with some silicone.
  3. I have been hitting "neutral" between 2nd and 3rd gear on my DR. It usually happens when I'm really ragging on it, sometimes when I'm going through the gears on one wheel. I haven't changed the oil in about 4000 mi, and I recently got some more oil to put in, although I haven't changed it yet so I'm really hoping for no shavings. Can this be caused by the oil? Definitely do lots of wheelies on this bike so clutch slipping could be another culprit, but I seriously doubt that because when this happens I'm usually full throttle and the engine will rev way up, I've even hit the "rev limiter" (I heard that the 650 does NOT have one? Probably floating valves if not) once or twice and when I pull the clutch in and shift up again I can hear the gears clunking together. Point is, has anyone experienced this and if so what was the cause? Thanks in advance, Mark Edit: This happens when I'm banging the trans, so full throttle, let off about 1/4, pull lever up, back on throttle. Never between 1st and 2nd. Usually butter smooth and no jerk or anything, but I'm thinking maybe when this happens it's because I'm really trying to hit that next gear and I'm not giving the teeth enough time to engage before I whack on the throttle again?
  4. Okay, so first thing, I have been working on CARS for most of my life. Being 19 that's not much but since I was a kid I was hanging out in my dad's auto shop and helping out, a few years ago I half restored my C10 truck (everything but the body and frame are restored), so I know my shit, but I know motorcycles are different. A lot of the components are more compact and serve multiple purposes, so I could use my knowledge to learn faster and be more insightful, but I am by no means a motorcycle mechanic. Second thing, I have been basically turned off the drzs. I still like them and if they were cheaper I would get one but an old drz is the same price as a 2009 crf450r or wr450. The both have a lot more power. I like the size of the YZ400, it fits me so perfectly it's not even funny. The others, especially the CRF are a bit big, and the drz is just a bit too tall for me to be comfortable on. But I'm getting sidetracked. My point is that for less money I can have more power and all that, of course sacrificing reliability. Oh, one more thing before anyone says the price of a sumo kit and legalization is going to surpass the price of a used drz, the bikes I'm looking at are all sumo, and a couple of them have never been downed and we're basically built and not wanted, so they are selling them. I'm going with my dad in this next week to check three or four out. If I like any of them then I will buy it and post pictures. Shoot me your opinions? I'd like to know what you guys think of other sumos, especially the wr and CRF 450s. I know the CRF needs a lot of oil changes and stuff. I've also heard the wr is very good and reliable as a sumo? Thanks everyone.
  5. In Texas you could probably put a lawnmower engine in a cardboard box and use your feet as brakes, use two stones as wheels, and as long as you have a couple headlights and brake lights you're good. You don't even need mirrors or turn signals. (Well you need one mirror but still)
  6. Wow, haggling car dealers is a lot easier. You say walk and they kiss ass. That's crazy man. And online at least I've seen ___ year DRZ for a high price and then one 2, 3, even 7 years older and they are asking a higher price than the newer DRZ for more miles, wear, etc. and people buy them. It's insane, but for the money the DRZ is just about the best deal. I could try to get a straight up dirt bike and convert to sumo, but a lot of them are around the same price as the DRZ, and then I have to add on the price of a conversion kit, which makes it more expensive, as well as more upkeep and worse gas mileage. BUT THE HORSEPOWERRRRRRRR.
  7. RND, I completely agree. I've replied to some other posts and as I said I really don't want to buy new, but if a good number of people pointed out a good reason to buy new then I would. I have been wanting this bike for a couple years now so I know most of the advantages and pitfalls of the bike, and average price, and honestly I wish that (at least in my area) they would't hold SO much of their value. Also I know first hand what people can do to their vehicles when trying to install mods, even something as simple as a bolt on can screw everything up very fast. (unrelated but)I bought a bike a few months ago and somehow the float bowls were filled to the top with sand, even though there was a (from what I could tell) completely fine, if not slightly used inline filter. My point being when you buy used the bike can seem fine from the outside and still be screwed up in ways you never even considered.
  8. Thank you Workerbee, I share most of your opinions, especially the stock opinion. I have worked on cars with my dad almost since I can remember and I know first hand what some people can do to their vehicles while thinking they are "improving" them. I really want to buy new but I don't like the idea of not owning my vehicles, or really any personal property, and I've never gotten a loan before so I guarantee my interest rate would be insane. It's just really hard to wait for a bike when I'm so close to getting one haha. Also, most of the dealerships will include a rebate on the motorcycle safety course, which is not only mandatory in Texas, but costs over 300 at most places.
  9. Thank you Dane, I agree, but if enough people said a new bike was worth it I would be more open to the opinion, although I haven't seen any improvements that would make me want a brand new bike.
  10. Hi, My name is Mark and this is my first post here. I've been on this site a lot looking things up about the DRZ, but I have never had a need to make an account. But in the near future (weeks to a few months) I will be getting my first DRZ, although not my first motorcycle. Also, I'm sure this question has been asked many times before but every person and situation is unique and I wanted to get answers for me and my situation. I wanted to ask the community what you think about: 1.) should I even buy new? (are there any benefits of the 2018 model vs a 2000? Excluding mileage, wear, idiots screwing with the engine and whatnot) 2.) where should I go to get the motorcycle (assuming the 2018 or 17, something that would be at a dealer), the Suzuki dealership? A general power sports place? Is there any place that can be said to almost always be better? (better prices, more friendly, more willing to adjust their prices, etc) 3. Should I lease/ get a loan? I am a college student with 3k in the bank. Should I put that down and get a new bike, or wait a month or so and get a used one for 5 or 6k? (the bikes here can be pretty expensive even used for many years with obvious signs of crashes/ wear) That should be about it. If I think of any more questions I'll post them in this thread. Thank you, Mark
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