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  1. khelton

    XR650R Web Site maybe going down

    Hey BWB, many thanks for taking the time and trouble to put up the Borynack website and post all the 650R info..hugely helpful...you saved me a cuppla hundred manhours and several thousand dollars.
  2. khelton

    No more XRL's

    I agree..the only bike that I have ever sold and immediately regretted it....the most versatile bike out there...
  3. khelton

    650L aftermarket seat

    Corbin is an all day seat....just did Ouray to Moab and back and was ready for more, pleasd w/ it
  4. khelton

    Cheaper to buy or build?

    Definitely to buy..
  5. khelton

    What to buy? xr650r or crf450 both motarded

    Yep, unfortunately it does sound steep....I have probably close to $9,000 in mine but doubt I could get $5,000 out of it....
  6. khelton

    What to buy? xr650r or crf450 both motarded

    For what you are going to use it for, definitely the 650R...it runs forever w/ very low maintenace. The CRF would need oil change every 3 to 6 hours of riding...notice, he has already rebult the top end once..
  7. khelton

    What bike should I get. Husky 510?

    The Berg is a 650, a race bike with lights...street legal...
  8. khelton


    Brian..aren't you a mod at SMJ ? Seems like he would have told or called someone...
  9. khelton


    Don't forget Speedzilla Supermoto: http://speedzilla.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=23 For those of you with short term DT's, this one is a little old but has pics of virtually every dirt bike you've ever thought of Tarded, also great older race videos. http://motard.concode.com/
  10. khelton

    No 2007 KTM SMR's ?

    The 650R was used as an example as to why you still won't have a true SM if you convert a 525 EXC, you will have a dirt bike with smaller wheels, wrong suspension and wrong geometry..and will have spent a lot of money on additional parts.
  11. khelton

    No 2007 KTM SMR's ?

    Not good, that would be similar to buying an XR650R and putting SM wheels on it, still just a dirt bike with smaller wheels...dirt geometry, dirt springs, dirt valving..very different setup needed for an SM...for wheels, brakes, and suspension, you could be looking at another $3,000...may as well buy a Berg which is nothing more than a boutique KTM anyway, and platable..
  12. khelton

    KTM 625, 640sm, or Husky 610sm?

    By "maintenance', I was referring more to little gremlins and glitches that a lower production motorcycle usually has, the 610 included, not oil changes , valve checks, ring jobs, etc. The bike is nevertheless a great looking bike but will take more time and effort to sort out when ya first get it....
  13. khelton

    KTM 625, 640sm, or Husky 610sm?

    Man, that thing is gorgeous...
  14. khelton

    KTM 625, 640sm, or Husky 610sm?

    If ya want pretty, get the Husky..if ya want a sorted, well designed bike that requires very little maintenance, get the KTM
  15. khelton

    New Exhaust options for the XR650R

    FMF Q did a grat job of waking up both my R and L..