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  1. moneypit

    new 2017 crf450x glowing exhaust

    Installed jd jet kit and crf only fuel screw. After install the header no longer glows after 30 seconds of running cold. thanks for all advice.
  2. moneypit

    new 2017 crf450x glowing exhaust

    Hello all. I just wanted to get some other crf450x owner input on something my brother noticed on my new bike. So this is on a newly purchased 2017 crf450x with about 4 miles on it currently. while riding around with my brother in my inlaws yard he pointed out that the head pipe was starting to glow red. I'm wondering if this is because the bike is new and is a bit hotter due to breaking in or if there is possibly a different issue going on with this new bike. Most of what i read suggests a lean issue presenting it self with the carb. i just installed a trail tech vapor kit on the bike but i doubt that would influence anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. hopefully this wont abort our first trip out to go ride it this weekend.