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  1. pato21

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    From Argentina Some of the modifications made: Yoshimura completes the escape. JD Kit Main jet 170 Tokyo mods Open sides
  2. pato21

    2008 CRF450X - Stock Chain

    The truth is that I never saw a closed chain without MASTER LINK that can be bought in a store, the only ones without MASTER LINK are the factory ones
  3. pato21

    2008 CRF450X - Stock Chain

    To see if the crown and pinion are really the originals, look at the chain, it does not have a MASTER LINK, since they are sealed at the factory.
  4. pato21

    CRF450x - Any years with major issues?

    Some models of departure crf 450 x 08 and 09 had problems with the decompressor. https://www.crfsonly.com/forum/images/ml.remaw05a.mtb_13273_2008-2009_crf450x_decomp_shaft_pin_-_pud__r36__web.pdf
  5. pato21

    CRF450X for CRF450RX

    Thanks for the answer, I run 100 meters at sea level. My idea is to buy an RX, in Argentina Honda, I do not care, I can not compare it with my current X, and only a private importer obtains it. Imagine that Honda did not import the RX, less it will do with the X 2019. My piloting is on secondary roads at high speed, I do not drive my X in closed places. In Argentina a CRF450 R or RX 0km costs around 18 thousand dollars, to my X they pay me 12 thousand dollars, what madness the bikes are paid in this country. But hey, 50% are taxes for the damn politicians.
  6. pato21

    CRF450X for CRF450RX

    Anyone who can give me good advice on how to change my 450X for the RX 2017? My X is uncorked, Kit JD, 170 main, open sides, Yoshimura full exhaust.
  7. pato21

    CRF450X for CRF450RX

    Good afternoon guys, I comment a little bit my concern, I have in my garage a 2009 CRF450X shot in 2013 with no more than 60 hours, and I wonder, since the bike still has its original factory covers for the little use I give it , nor the chain to stretch yet, returning to the query, opinions of my 450X vs RX 2017, since that year is the only one that is achieved here in Argentina.
  8. pato21

    New bike?

    I'm in the same situation as you, I have CRF 450 X 2009 and I wanted to update, I think the best option is the RX, I do not think it expects X 2019, I have the feeling that it does not have enough power. And I do not think that it arrives in Argentina, with luck you can get some RX brought by some private importer, since Honda Argentina only brought the model R 2017/2018
  9. pato21

    Fuel Mixture Screw

    Thank you, for the answer, I tell you that the sliding plate is in perfect condition, without marks of friction, the oring is in perfect condition, now what is called emulsion tube? I think if it were a valve it would not start. The strange thing is that with an air screw it starts perfect, but then in hot the motorcycle is regulated as if it were choked and with the other lacks cold fuel, then in hot it becomes perfect. The motorcycle does not reach 60 hours from 0km The only thing is that on several occasions I had to clean the carburetor because it was not used for more than a year and had fuel inside it.
  10. pato21

    Fuel Mixture Screw

    People, I have a problem with the air screw of the CRF450X, I have a Racetech with two laps, but always cold it needs more fuel, and on the other hand I have a Tokyo mod that when I put it in cold it starts well away, but when it takes temperature of use, the regulation goes from naphtha, in cold it goes perfect, but when it warms up, the engine reduces the rpm. On the other hand, the Racetech screw works perfectly when it's hot, but it lacks fuel in the cold. The configuration of my carburetor is the following: Pilot 45 Main Jet 170 Kit JD, with red needle clip in third position from top to bottom. Carburetor Sump Tokyo mods *Racetech 2 laps = poor at the start, in perfect hot. *Tokyo Mods 2 laps = start in perfect cold, hot fuel is passed. What do you recommend that you can do?

    Buenas tardes, mirando uno de sus mensajes, y vi que hizo muchos cambios en un CRF450X, quería ver cuál era la mejor configuración para la modificación del carburador, sé que es una publicación anterior, pero sería muy útil tener una buena configuración de modificación en el carburador. Jet principal ... Pilot Jet ..... Tipo de aguja ..... número de vueltas del tornillo de aire ... ETC ETC ... Desde ya muchas gracias mucho. Saludos desde Argentina.

  12. pato21

    Honda CRF450X 2009

    CRF 450 X Yoshimura - kit JD - air box open - main jet 170 -
  13. pato21

    Honda CRF450X (2009)


    CRF 450 X Yoshimura - kit JD - air box open - main jet 170 -

    Hello, my name is Manuel, I'm from Argentina, I consult you, since I saw that you want to change an RX for an X, and I want an RX, could you tell me why you want an X? Are you not satisfied with the RX? What note of the X that the new RX does not have? How about the maintenance of the RX? I have an X with 40hs of okm, and I am looking for RX information. In Argentina there are not many RX, there are very few that entered the country. Thank you very much for the information you can give me. regards

    1. Doug.


      I love the RX I just rider strictly desert and the X is designed specifically for that. The RX is perfectly capable, and I'm in no way disappointed with anything about it (besides the dual exhaust). The RX shares an oil sump for the engine and transmission so it's not separated, which means it can hold more oil and, generally, you can go longer in between oil changes (the manual recommends 10-12 hours). Whatever bike you can get your hands on, they're both really awesome. The X is just older technology. 

    2. pato21


      Thank you very much for your reply.
      The truth is that I want an RX, but I was afraid of how he behaved in a desert race.
      How to be my 450X is with the complete Yoshimura exhaust system, open air box, JD kit on carburation, with a main jet of 170 and it is a missile.
      I hope that the RX series has the same power or more.

  15. This weekend I dedicate myself, I have to disarm half a motorcycle to get the carburetor, and I have to arm myself with patience. It is a carburetor of CRF450X, a long time ago that I want to disassemble it to be able to clean it well, since this motorcycle is only used once a year. And on several occasions I have forgotten the open tap.